Battlefield 1 cinematic tools revealed

battlefield 1 cinematic tools

Battlefield 1 will ship with some improved cinematic tools for those who wish to make gameplay videos. YouTuber “Gator” posted a video overview of the new tools, showing what Battlefield 1 cinematic tools players will have at their disposal. This will definitely be useful for YouTubers and others who make and share gameplay videos.

The Battlefield 1 cinematic tools include several camera options, a field of view setting, depth of field filter, various image filters such as Sepa mode, and adjustable camera speed.

The filters include Sepia, Noir, Battlefield 3 (that blue-thing), Saturated, and even a tilt-shift filter. Check out the video below for the full overview of the Battlefield 1 cinematic tools and how they look in action.

Battlefield 1 cinematic tools video

If the video doesn’t play, here’s a direct link to it.

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  1. Major F Problem October 6, 2016 | Reply

    Cant wait for Battlefield Friends to make fun of Battlefield 1 with the new cinematic tools.

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