DICE hints at Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment

Battlefield 1 CTE

DICE has hinted at a possible Battlefield 1 CTE release — a Community Test Environment where future updates of the game can be tested by the community before going live for everyone.

CTE was first introduced with Battlefield 4, where it was a big success — the developer got feedback from players on every patch, which resulted in much more polished content once released to the general public.

Now there’s reports about a Battlefield 1 CTE release as well. In the rental server program forum boards, DICE member “Striterax” said that they are “working hard to enable CTE for BF1”.

Battlefield 1 CTE was also referenced in the code of the game, which was spotted by a Redditor (you can see the image below).

While Battlefield 1 is a much more stable release than Battlefield 4 was, a community test environment would still be a big benefit, as patches would be tested thoroughly, especially when it comes to weapon balancing, before released to everyone.

Battlefield 1 CTE availability

CTE was open to all Premium players of Battlefield 4, and it’s likely that this will continue with the Battlefield 1 CTE. Players will have to download a different version of the game that’s completely separate from the main game.

Battlefield 1 CTE code

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