Battlefield 1 player goes 23-0 with the sniper rifle in 3 mins

Battlefield 1 sniper

Snipers in Battlefield 1 feel deadlier than in previous games in series — you really have to keep your head down and be on the lookout for them. Especially the really good ones.

Battlefield 1 player “Dark-Betrayed” shows off his sniper skills by raking in an impressive 23 kills (zero deaths) in just 3 minutes. Some of his hits are unreal — he manages to hit 3-4 moving targets in a row several times throughout his streak.

Check out a video of his accomplishment below.

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  1. Dea November 22, 2016 | Reply

    Can you say aim both, or mod controller

  2. Bob1337 November 24, 2017 | Reply

    Nothing to special about the clip tho. Only one person shooting at him and most non-headshot kills was already vs a damaged player. I have seen faster kills in under 3min with sniper. But if you want real killing speed, the model-10 factory still beats snipers by like 20-30kills tho.

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