Battlefield 1 progression system is getting tweaks

Battlefield 1 progression system

Battlefield 1 is a hit with gamers, but there are certain things that aren’t up to par with what’s expected. One of those things is the progression and the leveling system in the game. Luckily, developer DICE has confirmed that they are looking into just that.

Battlefield 1 producer Ali Hassoon said via Twitter that they are aware of the problems with the current progression system and that gamers should “stay tuned” for news on the matter.

He didn’t get into details as to what changes we can expect, but the way things are now, it seems that the whole system could use a solid revamp. This is especially true for the Battlepack situation, which is quite random right now and doesn’t really give players anything meaningful than weapon skins.

Either way, we might have to wait a while until the new update is released — the most recent patch was released just a few weeks ago.

Source: Wccftech (via Bleach Bypass)

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