First Battlefield 1 singleplayer campaign gameplay footage released

Last week we saw the release of the first Battlefield 1 singleplayer trailer. It was a great presentation in the usual trailer fashion, but there wasn’t a lot of actual gameplay footage.

Now we’ve got the first round of footage from the Battlefield 1 singleplayer campaign — actual gameplay footage, and it looks pretty good.

The footage is from the mission “Storm of Steel”, which is set on the European front, right at the front lines. You can check out the gameplay footage below.

During the mission, players are both on foot and operate as a gunner in a tank. Overall, everything looks very hectic and tense — just like World War 1.

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  1. Major F Problem October 2, 2016 | Reply

    Just think of it, if DICE were smart, we could have been playing
    Bad Co. 3 soon. Idiots.

    Duuuur horses biplanes zeplins *high five…miss*

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