Battlefield 1 vehicles

Battlefield 1 vehicles are all based on their real world counterparts that were used by the various factions during World War 1. Vehicles in Battlefield 1 comprise of tanks, light armored vehicles, airplanes, and more.

The game also features the new “Behemoths”, which are massive vehicles that are given to the losing team in order to even the playing ground. The Behemoth can be an airship, or an armored train, or a Dreadnought battleship. Each Behemoth can be used by up to six players.

battlefield 1 vehicles

As with other games in the series, vehicles in Battlefield 1 are faction-based, meaning that each faction has their own specific vehicles that are historically accurate, i.e. the German army use German-made tanks, planes, and so on. However, a few smaller vehicles tend to be used by everyone, such as the motorbike and boats.

Types of Battlefield 1 vehicles

Vehicles in BF1 include heavy armored vehicles such as tanks, light armored vehicles such as personnel carriers, and a variety of planes (fighters, bombers, attack planes). Please see the below pages for in-depth details and list of the vehicle categories.

Battlefield 1 tanks and armored vehicles
Battlefield 1 planes
Battlefield 1 Behemoths

Like previous games in the series, new Battlefield 1 vehicles will be released via DLC and expansion packs.

Battlefield 1 vehicle unlocks

Players can unlock various accessories and load-outs for their vehicles. Many vehicles have different variants that players can choose from. For example, the FT-17 tank has three variants: A “Close Support” version, a “Flanker” version, and a “Howitzer” version. Planes have different versions too, from aerial combat versions, to ground attack versions, etc.

battlefield 1 vehicles unlocks

Unlike previous games in the series, the number of Battlefield 1 vehicles is somewhat limited, given that World War 1 was the first time mechanized weapons were used. Nevertheless, there are enough vehicles in the game to satisfy a vehicle-heavy play style, especially those players who favor air combat.

For a complete list of all BF1 vehicles, see the Battlefield 1 vehicle list.

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