Battlefield 1 Weapons

Battlefield 1 features a wide variety of World War 1 weapons. The weapons in Battlefield 1 are authentic to the WW1 era, featuring rifles, pistols, and other weapons that were used during the war. Battlefield 1 weapons will be split into different categories, just like weapons in previous games in the series. Some guns are available to all classes, while others are limited to only one class.

For a complete breakdown of all the weapons, see the full list of Battlefield 1 weapons.

Battlefield 1 Weapons

Types of Battlefield 1 weapons

Weapons in battlefield 1 encompass pretty much all of the weapons used in World War 1, from pistols, to rifles, to machine guns, even flame throwers. Here’s a complete breakdown of all the Battlefield 1 weapons:

Battlefield 1 pistols
Battlefield 1 rifles
Battlefield 1 machine guns
Battlefield 1 submachine guns
Battlefield 1 shotguns

There is also a number of Battlefield 1 gadgets as well.

Some weapons in Battlefield 1 are limited to certain classes. For example, the carbines and automatic rifles are limited to the Medic class, while submachine guns and shotguns are limited to the Assault class.

battlefield 1 weapons classes

Battlefield 1 weapons per class

Here’s a list of the types of Battlefield 1 weapons each class has:

  • Assault:
    • Primary weapon: Shotgun or Submachine gun
    • Secondary: anti-tank grenades, anti-tank mines, AT rocket grenade, and TNT
  • Medic:
    • Primary weapon: Carbine / automatic rifle
    • Seconary: Bandage and Syringe gadgets
  • Support:
    • Primary: Light machine gun
    • Secondary: Mortar + Ammo crat + tripmine
  • Scout
    • Primary weapon: bolt-action rifle
    • Secondary: Flare gun + K-bullets (anti-armor bullets)
  • Tanker
    • Primary: Pistol carbine
    • Secondary: Pistol, repair hammer, anti-tank grenade
  • Pilot:
    • Primary: Pistol carbine
    • Secondary: repair hammer, Flare gun.
  • Flame trooper:
    • Primary: flamethrower
    • Secondary: Pistol, incendiary grenade
  • Sentry:
    • Primary weapon: MG 08 machine gun
    • Secondary: frag grenade
  • Tank Hunter:
    • Tankgewehr M1918 anti-tank rifle
    • Secondary: Pistol, anti-tank grenade

Battlefield 1 weapons customization

Battlefield 1 weapons will feature customization such as skins and add-ons, although these will be limited compared to modern-day games in the series. This is because the game is set in WW1. Weapon customization in BF1 will be limited mostly to cosmetic items such as skins, which can be unlocked by playing and/or completing certain missions in game. As with previous games, new weapons are added to the game via DLC and expansion packs.

Future weapons

Like other games in the series, new weapons and gadgets will be added to the game via expansions and downloadable content. We’ll update the Wiki as new weapons are added to the game.

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