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DICE trademarks “Battlefield 4”, name confirmed?

Trademark registrations by DICE reveal that "Battlefield 4" is likely the final name of the next game.

There have been some rumors out there about the possible title for the upcoming Battlefield 4. Will the game receive a new name? Will it get a sub-title of sort? Even DICE acknowledged that it’s not the “most creative title” as general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson put it last year.

So did DICE come up with something “more creative”. Apparently not, as BF4Central went through the registered trademarks at the American USPTO and the European OHIM and found that the next Battlefield game will simply be called “Battlefield 4”.

Battlefield 4 trademarks found

DICE registered Battlefield 4 both as a “trademark” and “service mark”. We combed through all of EA and DICE’s trademarks at the two trademark offices with “Battlefield” in it, and no other upcoming game title was present other than Battlefield 4. There was no such thing as “Battlefield 2143” nor “Bad Company 3” etc. Check out the listing at USPTO:

Battlefield 4 trademark

This pretty much confirms that the next game in the series will simply be called “Battlefield 4”. You can check out the USPTO trademark listing here and the EU trademark here.

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