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Battlefield 4 video teaser released

As we expected, EA has released the very first, and very short, Battlefield 4 video teaser.

Just as we expected, EA has released a quick Battlefield 4 teaser. Last week we were the first to report that EA would release a Battlefield 4 teaser “later this week”. Turns out, we were off by one day 🙂 The new teaser is a few seconds of footage from, as EA puts it “straight from the video editing suite”. You can check out the teaser here.

The teaser gives us a glimpse (or rather, a few frames) of some mechanics, a look at the Battlefield 4 logo, and the tag line “Prepare 4 Battle”. It also gives us the date: March 27, 2013. The game will be unveiled to the press the day before, on March 26, and it looks like the common man will have to wait until the next day.

Battlefield 4 teaser video

Update: we’ve added the teaser video below:

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