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High-res Battlefield 4 logo and artwork

We've got high-res logo PNG and high-res artwork as well, suitable for all your needs.

Battlefield 4 will be unveiled tomorrow to the press, and the following day the general public will get a sneak peak of the upcoming multiplayer shooter. And if you’re preparing something for the unveiling (like a fan-site, wallpaper), we’ve got some high-resolution Battlefield 4 artwork for you, including the logo.

We took the original Battlefield 4 logo from the brand new BF4 site and cleaned it up, so its now transparent and much more useful for things like custom wallpapers, fan art, etc.

We also got high-res versions of the artwork that’s been released so far. The first is the background image found on the new site (obscured by the “rain” effect), and we got a high-res and crispy Battlefield 4 teaser / wallpaper image as well.

So if you’re doing a fan-site, making your own wallpapers or teasers, these will come in handy. We’ll be adding more artwork as they become available. Enjoy!

High-res Battlefield 4 logo (PNG)

NOTE: Click the images for high-res versions.
Battlefield 4 logo

High res Battlefield 4 artwork

Battlefield 4 background

Battlefield 4 art

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the game tomorrow, and the first trailer the day after!

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  1. wallrik
    March 25th, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    The logo is cool, but the artwork is even lower res than the background on the official site.

    These posted ones are 1338×693, but the ones from the official reveal site are 1600×824.

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