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Battlefield 4 Premium calendar extended until December 2015

Premium members will receive new goodies throughout 2015.

Battlefield 4 second assault

Each month, Battlefield 4 Premium members get some new goodies. Usually it’s a BattlePack, some dog tags, soldier portraits, and stuff like that. The Premium calendar ran until December 2014, where it was scheduled to expire with the release of the last Battlefield 4 DLC: Final Stand.

However, the Premium calendar has now been extended by a full year, running until December 2015. DICE has previously hinted at this, saying that they will release more content (i.e. maps) for Battlefield 4 in the future. They even asked players for input on what previous Battlefield maps they’d like to see remade for BF4.

We’ve also heard from DICE that Battlefield 4 will be supported even after the release of Battlefield Hardline in March 2015. Besides extra content in the future, DICE has also confirmed that they are working on night versions of popular maps. Check out some screenshots and videos of Battlefield 4 night maps.

Battlefield 4 Premium includes all five expansion packs (for a full breakdown, check out the DLC page), and a bunch of other features. Premium was recently on sale for $25 on Origin, but is now back to its original $50 price.

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  1. TW1NK
    January 11th, 2015 at 3:42 am

    Well well well…obviously someone is hearing the word from the players still. For those of us who pay’d for premium membership its good news to hear the extension of the calendar date, and to say were still gonna have more maps coming makes things of value to at last buy and play this game now. Ergo Its no surprise they bumped the membership fee back up, but still it sucks everyone had to go through all the bugs and game re-work in this to finally make it finally something people wanna talk about and play. Hopefully EA or Dice resurrect themselves with players by making Membership packs thru the year unhinge with several loaded battlepacks or heavy features like night vision, map voting (that of the server option settings) spike strip or emp traps would help a bit. I personally think a cool addition to the game could be a taser gun. Something down the lines of, if you have the gun and you stun the enemy then have a chance to execute them for their dogs tags earning you some you may or may not have. Another one I thought would be cool is if you get like a berserk/high kill streak then you could/would be able to commandeer opponents vehicles either by execution or shooting them out. Shooting them out would only wound them and well executing them would mean game over pal. Basically EA & Dice keep the content and views coming and you might gain your mojo back.

  2. JakesLieb
    February 23rd, 2015 at 11:51 pm

    I dunno, I’m not seeing this calender extention on Battlelog…

  3. eacansuckadick
    August 30th, 2015 at 2:39 pm

    So, months down the line and still no calendar extension? Nice one EA

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