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Renting BF4 servers on PC vs console: the difference

Ever wanted to rent your own BF4 sever? Check out this video.

Despite being almost three years old, Battlefield 4 is still a very popular online multiplayer game, with tens of thousands of active players worldwide at any given time.

And much of that is thanks to the numerous game servers that are out there, run by gamers themselves. If you’ve ever wondered how to get your own Battlefield 4 game server, YouTuber Battle(non)sense has a great in-depth video on renting servers on the PC and on the console.

Surprise: consoles have a lot fewer options that on PC.

Be sure to also check out our lengthy interview with Battle(non)sense about his awesome Battlefield 1982 concept.

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  1. Yes
    September 14th, 2016 at 1:32 pm

    I wish you could host your own server on your own machine or a standalone. Renting a server is expensive, and so is the game. renting with BF1 and a premium account will cost over $200….that’s crazy…its a game!

  2. RedKnighstoh5
    September 28th, 2016 at 5:02 am

    Larger groups of friends, like the thousands of online gaming War Clans… that are currently looking for great Clan Supported games (in the vain of the old Sony SOCOM games and somewhat BF3 itself for PS players, or ARMA for the PC players), that could support 64+ players at a time, using Private Controlled game Servers… and the large Clans that would buy thousands and millions of BF1 game disks, for the opportunity to once again have a Clan Supported game, are not interested in BF1 Single player mode. We are interested in large online public and private War Clan competitions and Public and Private Tournaments.

    DICE’s “pretty” BF4 game couldn’t and didn’t give us that game. Battlefield Bad Company2 was good for Clans, but could have been better. BF1 is a clone of BF4 and will not provide Clans and their millions of members around the world, the chance of playing BF1 as a real multiplayer tactical Teamwork game, using real battlefield strategy.

    So… BF1 will make the young CoD kids happy, with the Run & Gun, Lone Wolf play style, Shooting Everything that Moves, Using no headset for communications, Screaming little kids that adult players must endure just to play BF1. Adult players like me and the large online War Clans… won’t even consider buying the substandard BF1 game.

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