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Battlefield 4 3GL


The Battlefield 4 3GL is a three-round grenade launcher that was added to multiplayer with the Naval Strike DLC. The 3GL in Battlefield 4 is unique in that it holds up to three 40mm grenades which can be fired semi-automatically. Just like the standard M320 grenade launcher, the 3GL can be mounted on an assault rifle, or used as a standalone weapon.

The Battlefield 4 3GL is based on the Metal Storm 3GL, and can be loaded with 3x 40mm grenades which can be fired in quick succession. The player carries a total of 6x 40mm grenades. The 3GL can be unlocked by completing the “Multi Tool” assignment, where players have to get 10 kills with udnerslung grenade launchers and underslung Dart launchers.

Battlefield 4 3GL stats

  • Capacity: 3 x 40mm grenade
  • Rate of fire: 180 RPM
  • Fire modes: semi automatic shot
  • Reload time: 3 seconds
  • Bullet velocity: 80 m/s
  • Weight: 2 KG

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The 3GL in-game:

Battlefield 4 3GL

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