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Battlefield 4 awards


Battlefield 4 awardsBattlefield 4 awards include in-game medals and ribbons that players can earn by completing certain tasks and achievements in the game. In addition, Battlefield 4 will include Xbox 360 achievements and PlayStation 3 trophies, just like its predecessor. Other Battlefield 4 awards include assignments and dog tags, which can be unlocked by completing certain tasks. Here’s the full breakdown of all the awards in the game:

Battlefield 4 medals

Players can unlock Battlefield 4 medals by completing a number of in-game tasks. For example, a medal might be awarded if a player collects a certain amounts of ribbons, or achieves a certain play time with one of the three factions. For more, check out our complete breakdown of Battlefield 4 medals.

Battlefield 4 ribbons

The ribbons in the game are awarded to players who complete certain objectives in a single round. For example, capturing a certain amount of flags. For more, see our Battlefield 4 ribbons page.

Battlefield 4 awards examples

Battlefield 4 assignments

Just like its predecessor, Battlefield 4 awards are expected to include assignments, where a player has to complete certain assignments to unlock a new weapon or a new set of dog tags. Check out our Battlefield 4 assignments page.

Achievements (Xbox 360)

The game will feature Xbox 360 achievements, which will total into 1000 gamer points. Additional DLC will add 250 achievement points. For full list of Xbox 360 achievements, see: Battlefield 4 achievements.

Trophies (PlayStation 3)

Just like BF3, Battlefield 4 will feature trophies for PlayStation 3 gamers. As last time, it’s likely that the base game will start out with 50 trophies. More at Battlefield 4 trophies.

In-game ranks

Players will rank up as in previous games, and as they do, they’ll unlock weapons, gadgets, specializations, and more. Check out our breakdown of the different ranks. Players can check their award and rank progress via the Battlefield 4 stats.

Other Battlefield 4 awards

We’ll be updating this page as new awards are revealed.

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