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Battlefield 4 MAV


Battlefield 4 MAVThe Battlefield 4 MAV (Micro Air Vehicle), is a UAV used by the Recon class in multiplayer. The MAV in Battlefield 4 is operated and functions in a similar way to the MAV in BF3. The player deploys the MAV and uses a remote control to operate it. The Battlefield 4 MAV also has a spotting mechanism, where it automatically spots any nearby enemies. Since it’s a flying vehicle, the MAV is very vulnerable against enemy AA, especially portable missile launchers such as the Stinger or the Russian IGLA.

The Battlefield 4 MAV, also known as the RQ-16 T-Hawk in real life, is a small, portable UAV used by the US military for recon missions. Just like in the game, the MAV does not carry any weapons, and is used to spot enemies, explosives, and other points of interest. It has a range of about 8 miles, and can run for up to 40 minutes at a time. The RQ-16 T-Hawk MAV is so small it can be carried in a backpack by a single soldier. The MAV uses the same control gadget as the remotely operated Mortar, and the Engineer gadget EOD Bot.

Battlefield 4 MAV overview

The player controls the Battlefield 4 MAV on the map via a special HUD, which displays useful information such as spotted enemies, speed, latitude, and more. If the MAV is destroyed by the enemy, the player can get a new one simply by getting resupplied by the Ammo box from a Support player.

MAV in real life
Battlefield 4 MAV RL

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