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Battlefield 4 PS4


Battlefield 4 PS4The Battlefield 4 PS4 (PlayStation 4) version features next-generation graphics and technology, and is expected to be very close to the PC version in terms of visuals. The PS4 version of Battlefield 4 will also include the console’s many social features.

Battlefield 4 PS4 (PlayStation 4) features

Battlefield 4 on the PS4 will include support for the many social features built into the PlayStation 4. The game will also include Trophy support, where players are awarded Trophies for in-game accomplishments. This is in addition to the other awards, such as Battlefield 4 ribbons and medals.

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Like the other version of the game, Battlefield 4 PS4 players will be able to check their stats, accomplishments, and more on Battlelog.

Battlefield 4 PS4 vs PS3

The game will also be released on the previous generation console, the PS3. However, because the PlayStation 4 is much more powerful and includes advanced features, it will be the preferred platform of the two. It’s also expected that multiplayer on the PS4 will include more than 24 players.

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