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Battlefield 4 Quad Bike


Battlefield 4 Quad BikeBattlefield 4 Quad Bike is a fast transport vehicle available in multiplayer. The Quad Bike in Battlefield 4 carries one driver plus one passenger. The vehicle has no weapons or protection, and has relatively low HP as well. The Quad Bike is mainly intended to quickly transport two soldiers from point A to B across a map. While the Battlefield 4 Quad Bike is unarmored and small, it’s very nimble and fast, and is good for flanking and escaping missions. The quad bike can also be used as an offensive weapon itself, where players attach C4 explosives to the vehicle, and drive up to larger vehicles to destroy them.

Battlefield 4 Quad Bike stats

The Quad Bike in Battlefield 4 is very simple and has no weapons nor unlocks. It can be compared to the PWC on water, as both carry two soldiers and have no other features. A similar land vehicle to the Quad Bike, albeit a faster one, is the Dirtbike.

  • Top speed: 70 km/h
  • Driver weapons: none
  • Passenger weapons: none
  • Armament: none
  • Seats: 2

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