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Battlefield 4 Rush


Battlefield 4 RushBattlefield 4 Rush is one of the main multiplayer game modes. Unlike Conquest, Rush in Battlefield 4 is a much more scaled down and intensified game mode. In Rush, one team is tasked with defending M-COM stations, while another team has to arm and destroy them. This focuses all the action around the M-COM stations, which makes for some tense and hectic gameplay.

Battlefield 4 Rush overview

In Battlefield 4 Rush, players are split into two teams: one team defends the M-COM stations, while another attacks. Unlike Conquest, the attackers have a limited amount of tickets (usually 75), while the defenders have unlimited tickets.

Battlefield 4 Rush mapThe Rush maps are split into several sections, each featuring a set of 2 M-COM stations. Once the attackers destroy the M-COM stations, they are awarded another +75 tickets and advance to the next section, where another two M-COM stations await. Maps usually have 3-5 sections, starting off at the beginning and gradually pushing the defenders further back. The Battlefield 4 Rush game mode is usually available on all maps, from tight, infantry-based maps, to large, vehicle-oriented locations.

Battlefield 4 Rush rules

The attackers start out with 75 tickets and must destroy the first two M-COM stations before receiving “reinforcement” tickets. The defenders have an advantage here, as they can respawn as often as possible. The attackers and defenders score special points for taking out or defending the M-COM stations. Attackers earn up to 500 points for destroying the M-COM, while defenders are awarded bonus points for kills near the station. For more, see the complete Battlefield 4 point system.

A game of Rush usually consists of playing the same map twice, with both teams trying out as attackers and defenders once. The M-COM stations cannot be destroyed by explosives and vehicle fire, but have to be armed.

Battlefield 4 Rush tips

The Battlefield 4 Rush mode is one of the most tactically-oriented modes in the game. Teamwork and a solid team effort, especially for the attackers, is key to winning a round. Here’s a breakdown on offensive and defensive tips for Rush. Be sure to also check out some general Battlefield 4 multiplayer tips and tricks.

Rush offensive tips

As the attacker, teamwork is very important in Rush. Getting to the heavily defended M-COMs is best done with some form of disguise and flanking tactic. A popular trick is to use the M320 smoke grenade near the stations, which makes it impossible for the defenders to see what is going on. Getting the first two stations is usually the hardest part, since tickets are limited and the defenders have a bit of time to set up their positions.

Rush defensive tips

Defending the M-COM stations is much easier than attacking, especially if the map is urban. The Defenders have unlimited tickets, and can dig in and setup defensive positions. A nifty trick is to use Claymore mines close to M-COM entrance points, and C4 explosives on the M-COMs themselves. On larger maps, it’s a good tactic to deploy AT mines on roads leading to the M-COMs.

The Battlefield 4 Rush game mode was introduced back with the original Bad Company game, where it was called “Gold Rush”. Since then, it has become a staple in the series. There is also the squad-based version of the mode, aptly named “Squad Rush”. Check some more Battlefield 4 game modes.

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