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Battlefield 4 Snowmobile


Battlefield 4 Snowmobile

Battlefield 4 Snowmobile is a fast transport vehicle that was introduced in the Final Stand expansion pack. As its name suggests, the Snowmobile in Battlefield 4 is available in snow maps, of which there are three: Hammerhead, Operation Whiteout, and Hangar 21.

The Snowmobile is a fast transport vehicle that seats two — a driver and passenger. The snowmobile essentially replaces the ATV on regular maps, as the two have the pretty much the same speed and maneuverability.

Battlefield 4 Snowmobile stats

  • Top speed: 80 km/h
  • Seats: 2 (driver + passenger)
  • Main weapon: None
  • Secondary weapon: None
  • Rocket/tank shots to disable: 1

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