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Battlefield 4 SPAS-12


Battlefield 4 SPAS-12 The Battlefield 4 SPAS-12 is a combat shotgun that can be unlocked and used by any class in Battlefield 4. The SPAS-12 is a pump-action shotgun that has great accuracy at very short and short ranges, and is a batter overall choice than the standard 870 MCS shotgun.

The SPAS-12 was introduced in the 1980s and is a popular shotgun among armed forces and amateurs around the world. It was first featured in the Battlefield series in Bad Company and has since beenin every game in the series.

Battlefield 4 SPAS-12 stats

The SPAS-12 in Battlefield 4 is a great all-round pump action shotgun, with good accuracy and lower recoil than some of the semi-automatic shotguns.

  • Minimum damage: 6
  • Maximum damage: 18
  • Firing mode: pump action
  • Firing rate: 150 RPM
  • Bullet velocity: 300 m/s
  • Weight: 3.8 KG
  • Ammo count: 5 shells (expandable)
  • Reload time: 1.1 seconds (per shell)

Battlefield 4 SPAS-12 tips

The Battlefield 4 SPAS-12 is preferred to the 870 MCS because it has a faster firing rate, even though both shotguns are pump action operated. Both shotguns take the same time to reload.

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  1. Horsem4n
    October 2nd, 2013 at 4:06 am

    here’s an interesting idea. how about you give us the option for select fire on this guy? the trade off (like in real life) is that any specialized rounds (like flechettes) cannot operate the semi auto action and the user must use pump action. but, if the user chooses to use buckshot or regular slugs, he can use it in semi auto.
    this shotgun was designed in the 70s and has a comparatively inefficient gas system to the Benelli M4, which is why the M1014 can operate its semi auto only system even with woefully under loaded shells (like less than lethal bean bag rounds) while the SPAS 12 cannot.
    I know you are only including this shotgun because it is a bad @$$ shotgun. but i think you guys should put it in the direct middle ground between the other magazine tube fed shotguns. as it sits, the SPAS 12 is very similar to the Hawk and M870 and the M1014 stands alone. as an optional auto loader, the mag tube fed shotgun category can be more balanced.

  2. Gunner
    August 22nd, 2014 at 12:44 am

    This gun not only is powerful but also my favourite. This is the chaotic gun that you’d really want to use when in close range or medium like in operation locker. This gun is even better than the shorty. Bewarned people the death machine is here!

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