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Battlefield 4 SU-25


Battlefield 4 SU-25The Battlefield 4 SU-25 Frogfoot is a Russian ground attack jet featured in Battlefield 4 multiplayer. The SU-25 was introduced in the 1980s and is still used today in a limited capacity. The Su-25 was first featured in the Battlefield series in BF3. The Su-25 Frogfoot is designed for air to ground missions and to provide air support to ground troops.

The Battlefield 4 SU-25 is used by the Russian forces in the game, and its main counterpart is the American A-10 Thunderbird and the Chinese-made Q-5 Fantan. While the two planes are similar when it comes to basic stats, the A-10 features a more powerful Gatling gun, and is more agile as well.

Battlefield 4 SU-25 stats

The SU-25 in Battlefield 4 is slow compared to the main fighter jets in the game, such as the F-35. While its main rival, the A-10, features a more powerful cannon, the SU-25 is a bit faster.

  • Top speed: 975 km/h
  • Main cannon: 30 mm cannon
  • Secondary weapon: air to air missiles, rockets
  • Seats: 1

Battlefield 4 SU-25 tips

The Battlefield 4 SU-25 is designed to engage ground forces and is equipped with bombs and a powerful cannon that is effective against light armored vehicles. Since it’s slower than regular jets in the game, it’s quite vulnerable to enemy AA such as the LAV-AD and the portable Stinger missile launcher.

Battlefield 4 SU-25 unlocks

The SU-25 features the same unlocks as the A-10 Thunderbolt, which includes Flares, improved radar, and more.

SU-25 in real life:
Battlefield 4 SU-25 in real life

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  1. ownagin
    June 30th, 2013 at 5:27 am

    I can only doubt the authenticity of this site. All I’ve seen are american and Russian vehicles. Whoever is running this site does realise this game is about America vs china right?

  2. NineDaggers
    October 14th, 2013 at 7:51 am

    Its cool brotha a lot of people would think that, But about 90% of China’s Arsenal is all Russian made or a Copy of Russian Tech, So this site is not lying to you. China’s Tanks are all Russian made or Russian Copies and so is its Small arms , Helicopters and Ships. Now don’t get me wrong china does modernize its bought older Russian equipment with either European,Russian,American bought tech or its own Chinese made Electronics.

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