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Battlefield 4 vehicle list


Battlefield 4 vehicle listThis is the complete Battlefield 4 vehicle list of all the various vehicles found in the multiplayer part of the game. The Battlefield 4 vehicle list includes tanks, APCs, jets, helicopters, and many other vehicles. This page will be updated as new vehicles are announced and/or released through DLC.

Each link goes to the vehicle page, where you can find a lot more details about it, including its unlocks and tips on how to use it.


The tank list includes all the main battle tanks for all three factions, including a couple of dedicated “tank busters”.

APCs (IFVs) and AA vehicles

APCs are heavily armored troop carriers, also known as infantry fighting vehicles, or armored personnel carriers.

Transport vehicles

Transport vehicles feature light to medium armor, and are mainly used to ferry troops across the map. However, most transport vehicles are also armed with various machine guns.


The jets in the game include versatile fighter jets, bombers, and brand new fifth generation stealth fighters. For more, see the Battlefield 4 jets page.


Helicopters in the game range from attack choppers to one that are mainly intended for transport. For the full breakdown, check out Battlefield 4 helicopters.


The game features naval combat for the first time, and that means that several attack and transport boats are included. For more, check out the Battlefield 4 boats page.

Most vehicles on the list feature unlocks, such as secondary weapons for tanks and APCs, or more advanced missiles for jets and helicopters. Some unlocks are defensive, such as Flares for aircraft and smoke countermeasures for tanks and APCs. The vehicles in the game can be used and operated by all players an all classes. Although the Engineer class is usually preferred, since it has the ability to repair any damaged vehicle.

There are also vehicle awards, where service starts are given out to players who achieve certain amount of kills with each vehicle. Ribbons and medals are also awarded based on performance when inside a vehicle.

Note that not all vehicles are available on all maps. Usually, only a few different vehicles from the list above will be available on any given map.

Battlefield 4 vehicle list updates

New vehicles are regularly announced and released through downloadable content. We’ll keep the Battlefield 4 vehicle list updated as they are revealed.

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    … it’s BFBC2 + BF3 vehicle wise? Hopefully they fix the hit detection. 🙂

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