New Battlefield 1 patch released, brings Spectator mode

New Battlefield 1 patch released, brings Spectator mode

DICE has released a new Battlefield 1 patch that brings a whole bunch of tweaks and bug fixes, and brings the new map, Giant’s Shadow as well.

But the other big addition in the patch, besides the new map, is the brand new Spectator mode, something players have been requesting since the game launched.

Battlefield 1 Spectator mode is finally here

With the new Spectator mode, player can join the game as observers and watch all players on the battlefield in either first person or third person mode. There’s even a “free cam” mode where players can freely fly through the map and look at whatever they want.

Another addition in the new update is a new custom game setting called “Standard Issue Rifle”. This limits the rifles on each team to that team’s original starting rifles, i.e. British are granted the SMLE MKIII. Furthermore, the rifles are not equipped with any optics, to give players a more authentic WW1 feel.

New gameplay tweaks

The patch also brings a variety of gameplay tweaks, for example, the aim-assist has been nerfed a bit and requires more input from players, vehicles have gotten tweaks to their weapon damage.

Assault players will also be happy to know that the TankGewehr has increased damage to vehicles from 120-150 to 160-180.

Various soldier weapons have also received damage tweaks. For example, the light machine guns have been buffed a bit, and can now fire longer before overheating.

Finally, the patch also brings some stability improvements:

  • Fixed an issue that caused a hang when pressing J/K/L on console keyboard
  • Added a new Framerate Limiter option that limits the maximum framerate the game will run at to a specific amount. Limiting your framerate to a lower number can help improve performance if you are experiencing high CPU usage
  • CPU optimization to improve high framerate operation on high end video cards where there is no VRAM pressure
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash when loading levels
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash when dying in a vehicle
  • Fixed a server crash related to trip wires
  • Fixed an issue where outdated game clients could still connect to EA servers without receiving an error
  • PC: Forced v-sync to on during loading movies on PC to prevent screen tearing and stutters
  • PC: Fixed some issues that could lead to GPU hang on DX11
  • PC: Fixed ghosting issues
  • PC: Borderless full screen now works as intended
  • PC: Fixed an issue with full screen causing other windows to be resized and/or moved around
  • Xbox One: Fixed a rare VOIP related crash
  • Console: Tweaked dynamic resolution min cap scaling to improve GPU performance over loss of resolution

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