Safest Games to Play and Pay in the World of Online Gaming: 7 Games to Know


Online gaming is expanding its roots and gaining popularity across the globe. The arrival of all new fascinating games, real-time experiences, and opportunities for earning money through gameplay is making players crazy. But along with lucrative opportunities, these games also bring potential risks and threats of online fraud.

Therefore choosing secure games and investing in them becomes very important. We are going to unveil the safest games like Bitcoin blackjack, Money Hive, Fantasy Cricket, and many more that you can play and pay for.

Top safest online games to play and pay in 2024

Bitcoin Blackjack


Bitcoin Blackjack is one of the most thrilling games stealing the hearts of online gamers. Crypto blackjack is an online card game that includes a faceup between the player and the dealer. In the first round both the dealer and player receive two cards. With the initial hand, the player has to decide whether he wants to “hit” to receive more cards or “stand” with the existing hand. But the exciting part comes with different moves to where you can maximize your earnings.

One of the most popular and thrilling strategies is the bitcoin blackjack. Using blackjack the player can double up the bet when the sum of three cards comes 21. Bitcoin Blackjack is considered one of the safest games as the player can make decisions by following some of the simple tactics to win big.

Fantasy cricket

Fantasy cricket has become the talk of the town in recent times. With the increasing popularity of cricket, gamers love to bet on their favorite teams and win big cash prizes and lucrative offers. The game is safe as it is above gambling and tests your skill set and knowledge about cricket. You can take minimal risks to gain maximum benefits.

The gameplay is very simple and does not need any kind of hassle during real-time play. New players also get exciting bonuses that you can use to bet. Dream 11, my 11 circles are the best examples for fantasy cricket.

Rummy circle


Rummy Circle is considered the best platform for rummy lovers. You can simply create your account and start earning on their official app. With the arrival of bitcoins online rummy also becomes more safer and logical for players. The transactions are now faster with low risk and transparency. The player has to form two sequences of cards. You can also take part in free tournaments and practice with different game modes to maximize winnings in real-time.


Poker is yet another popular and loved game across the world. It is also a card game where you can strategize and win big cash prizes. But Pocker is a game for seasoned players as it requires strategic planning and a proper understanding of the game.

In pocker you have to create the best five-card combination with two-hole cards and a fixed number of community cards to win the game. The hole cards are random face-down cards and community cards are the faceup cards that you can use to create your best combination.

Fortune cash


Fortune Cash is an online slot game that players love to play during their free time and earn money. The game can provide you with high returns on your bet when analyzed strategically. The player needs to focus on the basic rules of the game such as retention and distribution for safe gameplay. Understanding the psychology of the game and withdrawing at the right moment help players win big cash prizes. However, there is not certain time for withdrawal, players have to prepare a strategy and hit the right time to maximize withdrawals.

Money Hive Hold n Link

Money Hive Hold n Link is a popular online casino game where players can create their live accounts and enjoy online betting. The new version of the game supports Bitcoin transactions and is therefore considered one of the safest platforms for online gambling.

You will be provided a free signup and joining bonus to enjoy the game without any risk. Players can create their live bet accounts and deposit Bitcoins for real-time gameplay. You can also earn up to 140% cash bonus on your deposits and initial bets.

Instant Roulette

Instant Roulette is an automated game crafted by the online gaming brand Evolution. The game is packed with real-time experiences of roulette and cash rewards. It is one of the fastest Roulette games with instant results in the world. Instant Roulette presents 12 synchronized single-zero wheels that give players an extraordinary experience.

The best thing is you can re-bet on your initial hand to double your profit. However, you need a proper game plan and a push of luck to win big in this game. Play demo games and collect bonuses and free spins to gain experience regarding the game.

Things you should consider before entering online gaming


The online gaming world offers you a pool of choices and offers that create the cascade of greed. Players get attracted only by the big rewards and enter into the gameplay without any strategy and have to bear huge losses. But a psychological and strategic approach can leave you with huge profits on the above games. Remember the following basic rules before choosing any of the online gaming sites

  • Read reviews for the game on different authorized sites like Quora and Reddit
  • Check the gaming site, have the license, and obey all the regulatory requirements.
  • Look for demo games and free spins before entering into real-time gameplay.

Wrapping it up

There are a number of games in the online gaming world that are very exciting and fun. But players should look out for safe games such as Bitcoin blackjack, Money Hive, and Many more listed above to earn benefits at low risks.

Moreover, before starting betting you should follow the basic guidelines and build a strategy to win but remain safe in every aspect. This is how you can maximize your returns by investing in these safe games.