LPL Summer Playoffs Round 1 – LNG vs SN Quick Look


In the first game of the LPL Summer Playoffs, defending champion Royal Never Give Up (RNG) took on Super Mass…

LPL Summer Playoffs Round 1 – LNG vs SN Quick Look

LPL Summer Playoffs Round 1 – LNG vs SN Quick Look

Hey Guys,


Because the games start today, I thought I’d put up a short list of LPL Playoff Team information to help you get ready:



LNG: 8th place with 10 wins and 6 losses. Summer began with a 7-0 record. Tarzan is the main character.

Ale is the top laner (Previously known as Natural from DMO)

  • Camille, Jax, and Akali are the top three most played characters in Camille’s career.
  • Camille, Akali, and Gwen/Viego are the top three most popular summer songs.
  • LNG has the greatest DMG percentage (26.5%).


Tarzan, the Jungler


  • Xin, Olaf, and Diana/Lee are the top three most popular summer games.
  • Played 14 Different Champions
  • In the summer, there are ten MVPs (Tied 3rd in the league)
  • All-Pro 1st Team Jungler in the LPL


Mid: Icon


  • Ryze, Leblanc, and Lucian/Sylas are the top three most popular summer games.
  • In the summer, 17 different champions competed.
  • With 8 MVPs, LNG has the second highest MVP total (Tied 7th in the league)


ADC: Aesthetic Design Concepts


  • Varus, Jinx/Ezreal, and Ashe are the top three most popular summer characters.
  • On his top three games, he had a KDA of 7 or higher.
  • 0.3 percentage point DMG is 26.2 percent behind Ale.


Iwandy is on your side.


  • Naut, Thresh, and Leona/Rakan are the most popular summer games.
  • LNG has the highest KP at 70.4 percent.
  • In the summer, he only received one MVP award:'(



Suning: 9th place with a score of 9-7. Summer 2-4 years ago SofM is a key player.

Top: Bin


  • Gwen, Camille, and Jayce are the top three most popular summer characters.
  • At 8 a.m., the highest MVP’s on Suning in Summer (tied 7th)
  • He’s just in his second year in LPL (And has been in playoffs every split except his debut in 2024 Spring)



SofM: Jungle


  • Lee, Xin, and Rumble are the top three most popular summer games.
  • Suning has the highest KP at 73.1 percent.
  • At 13 games, he has played Lee Sin the most of any role in the LPL.



Angel (middle)


  • Summer’s top three most popular games are TF/Sylas, Sett, and Lulu.
  • In the summer, 19 different champions competed.
  • Summer has the highest KDA at 5.3.



Huanfeng, Huanfeng, Huanfeng, Huanfeng, Hu



  • Varus, Jinx, and Kalista/Ezreal are the top three most popular summer characters.
  • Suning has the highest DMG percent at 28.1 percent.
  • Suning has the highest gold percentage (24.3%).


Support is turned on.



  • Leona, Naut, and Braum are the most popular summer songs.
  • In Summer, Rakan and Alistar were both defeated 4-0.
  • He’s just in his first year in the LPL.




Crossover Picks to Keep an Eye On:


  • Gwen and Camille at the top of the page
  • Xin and Lee in the Jungle
  • Sylas, in the middle? (This is dependent on Nerf.) In addition, their pools include 17/19 Unique Champions. ANYTHING IS CONSIDERED POSSIBLE.
  • Varus, Jinx, and Ezreal are the ADCs.
  • Leona, Naut, and Thresh provide support.




I hope this gives you a great starting point for tonight’s game!


Munchables & Dagda will be opening!!! (>’o’)> LPL 2024 Summer Playoffs Begin TONIGHT @ 5PM China Time | 2 AM PDT | 9 AM GMT + 0

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The LPL has ended and just like last year, the first round of playoffs are about to take place. Last year thepaiN took the series 2-0 against Royal Never Give Up, this year it’s Team WE who have gotten the series off to a good start with a 2-0 set against Team WE. Team WE have shown they are one of the strongest teams in the LPL and should be a legitimate contender for the title, but LNG has shown they have what it takes to shake things up.. Read more about suning vs lng game 3 and let us know what you think.

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