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Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.21 and 1.21.0: Full Version

Developers from the Mojang studio constantly surprise fans of the game world with new content. Minecraft PE 1.21.0 update allows players to visit a new dimension, meet new creatures, and use unusual blocks.

Players who like to travel to the End and the Nether have been waiting for a new dimension since Minecraft 1.20.0. The Ether world is full of surprises: unusual mobs live here, beautiful trees grow, and different blocks can be found in biomes.

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Among the mobs of Minecraft 1.21 and 1.21.0, there are peaceful creatures. Flying cows from the Ether dimension can serve as a food source, as pigs can. At first sight, animals are similar to ordinary ones, and perform the same functions. The main advantage of these creatures is that they can be saddled and fly.

By the way, players can get milk from a cow as an additional source of nutrition.

The new type of skeleton is extremely dangerous for Steve. It has wings, a sword, and a helmet. This mob can attack unexpectedly, but it is difficult to escape from it.

Sniffer is another unusual mob that appeared in Trails and Tales Update. This unique animal spawns in Overworld and looks like a dinosaur. The mob is absolutely harmless to Minecraft PE 1.21 and 1.21.0 players, on the contrary, it can become their assistant. However, taming of this animal is not provided. It has a bright-colored shell, so players can see the creature from afar.

The main task of the mob is to find unique seeds of rare plants that players can then grow. It can determine the location of ancient seeds, because it has an excellent nose. Since Sniffer is a descendant of dinosaurs, the developers gave him the ability to emerge from an egg. In addition, the user will need torchflower if he wants to create this mob in the game.

Interestingly, the creature can remember blocks that it has already dug up and does not return to them a second time.


Armor in MCPE have remained unchanged for years, but the developers are trying to improve the game, so they decided to make some additions. Thanks to the introduction of new templates that can be mined in different biomes, players can customize their armor with patterns made from different resources. Users can find hundreds of combinations.

In addition, there is one blacksmithing template that allows players to get netherite armor in Minecraft 1.21 and 1.21.0. It is a new resource needed to upgrade diamond gear to netherite.

Mojang decided that diamond equipment should be more significant and not just a transitional link to non-granite equipment. All this improves the gameplay and makes it easier.

One of the important features for Trails and Tales Update players is archaeology. To start exploring and finding unusual objects, users need to learn how to choose the right places to dig. To do this, it is best to head to the desert, because there are unusual blocks called suspicious sand. Externally, the new type of sand is similar to the usual one, so it is not so easy to recognize it.

Also, the Minecraft PE 1.21 and 1.21.0 player needs to take a brush with him, which will help clear the blocks and find ancient objects. Among the finds there may be shards with different prints. They can be used to craft a decorative pot that can be placed anywhere in the game world.

Territory in New Version MCPE 1.21

The biomes of the new dimension are unique. Firstly, Minecraft 1.21 and 1.21.0 players have never seen the world in such unusual colors. Green and purple shades prevail here, and plants and trees look completely different.

The atmosphere of this place is a bit fabulous. Any user will note that the game world has never looked like this before. The developers have created several different biomes to make it more interesting for users to explore the area.

It is especially interesting to observe the local territory at night because there are glowing blocks in some places.

Developer Mojang pleased the players with another picturesque biome in Minecraft PE 1.21 and 1.21.0. Many were waiting for the appearance of cherry trees in the game, and finally, in the Trails and Tales update it became possible. Users can walk through beautiful forests in pink shades and enjoy nature.

Interestingly, cherry wood is not only beautiful but also serves as a material for creating various objects for example, boats.

There is another interesting feature of the cherry grove. Pink petals may appear on the ground near trees. These elements give benefits for players. They can create pink dye from them. Besides, sheep, rabbits and pigs often walk near such trees.


Of course, the developers could not do without introducing additional blocks into the world of Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.21 and 1.21.0. Of particular interest to the players will be new types of ore. Users can mine the glowing material to then create unique weapons and armor from it. It is also possible to create a new kind of dynamite for powerful explosions.

The blocks have a beautiful texture with glowing elements. It is worth noting the bright colors of the blocks in this dimension are not similar to the resources of the End or Nether. Players can use all the materials to decorate their buildings. The unique ore is visible from afar because it glows in the dark.

By the way, it is possible to craft a saddle from new resources to ride local animals.