Pokemon Generation 4 Regional Differences

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Well, I’m pulling an all-nighter (or a 2AM nap) to get this done at the last minute, and so the quality is going to suffer. So, the short version is that the first major Pokémon region-exclusive event in Generation 4 is finally here. Whether you live in North America, Europe, Japan, or anywhere else, you can now purchase the Pokémon New Year Celebration Event Pass from the Pokémon Shop to get the Shiny Rayquaza, the Ho-Oh, and the Mew that are only available in that region.

The Gen 4 Pokemon are pretty awesome, seeing as how they’re a little more complex than previous generations. However, after playing through all the regions, the differences between them become apparent. Here are a few of the distinct differences between the regions: Rainbow Pokemon: So, you’re coming from a region in which the Legendaries are just the norm and it’s not uncommon for each region to have their own “Legendary Pokemon.” Then, you end up in a region in which they’re rare, and you actually have to work for them. To make things even worse, a lot of the rare Pokemon are low CP, making them nearly worthless. So, what happens to your team once you leave this region? Simple. You have to grind for several

Every region has their own distinct characteristics and Pokemon, as all other games in the series, have been designed to reflect these differences. Some regions have a lot more Pokemon, while some have more natural environments and terrain. These differences have been brought to the forefront in Generation IV – the fourth generation of the series. In this generation, you’ll find a little bit of everything.

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This article, like the last one, will look at how games change across the globe. This time, the emphasis is on the fourth generation of major series games.

This one will be a little shorter than the others, but there won’t be much of a difference!

Let’s start with the title screens. The language on the title displays changes, as it has in previous games. ‘Press start’ or ‘Push Start Button’ will appear. I’m not sure why this changed, since it seems like an odd adjustment to make.

The game corner has seen significant changes in this generation. The gaming area in the European and Korean versions of Pokemon Platinum does not enable the player to play any of the machines. Due to anti-gambling legislation and PEGI limitations in the areas, they were deleted. As a result, although Japanese and American titles have access to the games, the others do not! Interestingly, the PEGI regulations were not in effect at the time of the publication of Diamond and Pearl, thus the gaming corner is accessible on the European versions of the games. I’m curious to see how the remakes handle this. Perhaps something along the lines of Heart Gold and Soul Silver. To circumvent gambling laws, the machines on these games were modified to Voltorb Flip.

The NPC speech was also altered due to the machines not being playable in several areas. One NPC, for example, says:

It’s an opportunity to line up slot marks when a Poke Ball emerges. Even if you don’t try, replays and PIKACHU will appear. In the American version, though, you must strive for greater marks, such as Poke Balls and Moon Stones. In the EU, however, the identical NPC would say: I like Veilstone City because of the department shop and Game Corner. I tend to come here on a regular basis!… However, do you know something? I usually have so much fun that it’s almost nighttime before I realize it! But since I have my faithful Pokemon with me, I’m not scared to go home late at night.

Another illustration –

USA: I’ve had a lot of luck today.

EU: I feel like I’m on top of the world today!

Every NPC in the area will speak in a unique way.

In addition, two sprite modifications were performed across regions. Registeel is the first and most apparent. This is a sprite from Japan. It has the appearance of a Nazi salute. For the rest of the globe, it was altered to this.

The Sage is the second sprite. This is the sprite for all countries except Korea. It was modified due to religious reasons, and you can view the new one here.

The last change to discuss is one that is only seen in early versions of Platinum in Japan. In the Elite 4’s Aaron’s room, you may surf. You’d wind up in the nothingness if you did this. Saving while at this location would lock the game, requiring the save to be restarted. Nintendo provided two options for resolving the issue. The customer may connect their DS to their Wii and download a firmware upgrade to solve the problem. They may also submit the cartridge to Nintendo to be repaired.

That’s all there is to it. Although there wasn’t much of a difference between these games, I didn’t want to miss Generation 4!

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Pokemon Generation 4 is the latest iteration of the main Pokemon series. It is coming out in all regions at the same time, and will offer the same gameplay, so there should be no regional differences. This includes the release date, as there is only one release date for the entire world, and it is scheduled for July 21, 2016.. Read more about gen 4 remake release date and let us know what you think.

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