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Gungeon is a roguelike dungeon crawler from developer DotEmu. It has been in development for more than 6 years and features an expansive cast of characters.  We’ve chosen our favorite companions from the game, and put them in a list to help you decide who to bring along on your next run through the dungeon.

The best companions in Enter The Gungeon can make a pretty big difference in your daily life, and if you’re looking for more information on this topic, then you’ll definitely want to check out our complete list of top companions.

There are a lot of gun games that have been released over the last few years. From casual bedroom experiments on Steam to AAA titles on consoles, there is a lot of variety in the gun games genre. But there are certain games that stand out as the best at each genre. Enter the Gungeon is one of those games.

There are no restrictions on bringing a friend or servant inside the Gungeon.

However, most Gungeoneers prefer to do it alone in their search for the past-killing gun.

Except for the Hunter, of course. That puppy is really beautiful.

Even in this labyrinth of gunfire, friends join your campaign all the time, and even the other Gungeoneers form bonds in the heat of combat.

Various passive goods may call troops to assist you in combating the Gungeon’s hazards. They’ll also satisfy your character’s profound need for friendship, which he conceals beneath a harsh demeanor.

Let us pair you with the ideal partner.


Chicken Flute No. 10

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The Chicken Flute will be instantly recognizable to fans of The Legend of Zelda as the Fairy Ocarina from Ocarina of Time (1998) – and it doesn’t stop there.

A single chicken will start following the player once they take up the ocarina, blocking bullets and sometimes inflicting contact damage.

It’ll call a swarm of feathered pals to terrify all foes in the area if it takes enough damage, just as Cuccos did when Link fought him.

This B-tier item works well with The Scrambler, doubling damage potential and boosting shot size by multiplying enemy-seeking pellets and increasing shot size.

By clearing The Bullet’s history, you’ll be able to unlock it.


9. Good Baby Mimic

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Mimics are a brutal reality of role-playing games, and they can quickly transform a moment of victory into an early death – but they aren’t all terrible.

This tiny imitation has mistook you for its mother for one reason or another.

And it’ll do all it can to keep you safe.

When struck, this includes deflecting bullets and firing in unpredictable directions.

The capacity of this B-tier buddy to change into a duplicate of any other sidekick you have is what really sets it apart. With strong friends like Ser Junkan and the Super Space Turtle, this can make a big impact.


8. Owl

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So you were rushing down to Platform 9 34 when you got lost and ended yourself in the Gungeon?

Don’t be concerned! Hedwi – I mean, the Owl – has arrived to assist.

You will not get any communication if you purchase this S-tier item.

However, it will happily fire pellets at your foes and defend you with short-range blanks.

It also has a lot of strong synergies with a lot of other weapons, the most of which having something to do with magic. The Dungeon Eagle, the Bundle of Wands, and the Witch Pistol are among them.

Win 10 wagers with the Gunsling King to unlock.


7. The Turtle from Outer Space

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The Super Space Turtle, a tiny cosmonaut with an even smaller pistol, is without a doubt the game’s cutest friend.

Rather than following you around, this space hero is proactive in clearing areas and will chase down your foes.

While this B-tier companion is very strong on its own, it may synergize with the Yellow Chamber and cause it to get stuck.

Our turtle’s damage rises as a result, and its bullets become more penetrating.

Defeat the Blobulord to unlock.


6. The Turtle Issue

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If you use the Super Space Turtle to help you get to the Forge and defeat the dragon, you’ll get the Turtle Problem, which is one of my favorite C-tier items.

When you pick it up, you’ll see a friendly turtle approach — not the super space type, but the normal kind.

You’ll have another one join you for the remainder of the level every time you clean a room.

The turtles are docile and hardly keep up with the player, but their shells can withstand a lot of punishment. It’s like having a walking shield that follows you around after you’ve gathered a large enough army.

Unlock by defeating High Dragun when accompanied by the Super Space Turtle buddy.


Shelleton, Shelleton, Shelleton, Shelleton, Shelleton

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Shelletons are among the Gungeon’s most dangerous foes.

They’re also among the tallest in the world!

They, too, had a period when they were cute little baby skeletons.

The Baby Good Shelleton is an S-tier buddy that uses a green variant of the Shelleton’s laser beam to strike your opponents.

It has a lot of reach and does a lot of damage.

If you have the Shellegun or Shelleton Key, this grave boy becomes much better.


4. R2G2

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R2G2 is the way to go if you want a buddy who will take the fight to your opponents and change the tide of battle.

This Gunmech Robot will follow you until it finds opponents, which it will attack with devastating projectile barrages.

It can also soar across pits to reach far-off enemies, which makes it very helpful against Fuselier and the High Dragun.

This S-tier buddy is a charming homage to one of the most famous robots in sci-fi: R2D2 from the Star Wars saga, as most of you undoubtedly guessed.

Unlock by repairing the Black Powder Mine’s elevator.


3. Pig

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This pig doesn’t seem to be much at first glance.

In fact, it’s a little shaky.

And, given that all it does is follow you about and (accidentally) deflect shots, you can’t help but be suspicious of its motives.

As it turns out, all this Pig needs is a little prodding to awaken its inner bravery.

If it notices that its master is about to perish, it will leap in front of oncoming harm to rescue them.

Witnessing such a noble gesture inspires you to ensure that their death is not in vain – resulting in a full health bar and the ability to continue fighting.

This A-tier item is already deserving of a high ranking. Nonetheless, strong synergies with The Scrambler, the Elephant Gun, the Ring of Miserly Protection, and other items elevate it to new heights.

Complete the search for three The Beholsters to unlock.


Clown Mask No. 2

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You’ll know the Clown Mask and the assistance it summons if you’ve ever played the excellent bank robbery simulator Payday 2 (2013).

This B-tier item was introduced to the game as part of a cross-promotional event between Enter the Gungeon and Payday 2, which included many allegoric goods.

The Clown Mask, the Loot Bag, and the Drill are among them.

The mask will call a Payday 2 character to protect you against your attackers on its own, but each new promotional item you get will add a new buddy.

You’ll eventually have a whole squad that can shock opponents, fire shotguns at them, and defend you with blanks.

Steal the mask from the store to unlock.


Ser Junkan is number one.

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Ser Junkan, everyone’s favorite consolation prize, is at the front of the pack, an amazing buddy who is all about recycling and upcycling.

Ser Junkan may be a C-tier item, but he isn’t to be taken lightly.

At first, this filthy paper bag won’t do any harm.

But if you keep feeding him junk from broken chests, he’ll eventually piece together the gear he needs to appear like a genuine knight.

Ser Junkan becomes more strong as more Junk is collected, eventually inflicting enormous damage and gaining powers such as reviving the player after death.

If you’re fortunate enough to discover Gold Junk, he can also operate a badass mecha.

Unlock by: Defeating a boss after Ser Junkan has been upgraded to +3.

This week we’re going to be playing the roguelike bullet hell homage to SNES games, Enter the Gungeon. One of the most interesting aspects of this roguelike is the fact that there’s no real way to really know what weapons you will have when you start. You can pick up every gun you come across, but you may find yourself without a gun if you’ve picked up the wrong one. It’s possible to eventually get every gun in the game, but it may take some time, and it’s nice to have a quick reference to the best guns in the game.. Read more about enter the gungeon wiki and let us know what you think.

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