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Every time I put up a new game on my Steam list, I always see the “in case you are busy” part of the blog post, and I always see that the game has been added to the “Ultimate Collection” and I always get excited. I have a good collection of games on Steam and I think that I am getting closer to the point where I will have the collection for the whole year. My goal with the collection is to have every game that I own, and most of the time I get about a game a week.

The Ultimate Collection is a blog dedicated to showing off the best games ever, and teaching how to make them. The creator of the blog, Blake Newman, has made many games before, and it shows in the quality of games he chooses to feature. So, if you want to learn how to make games of your own, take a look at The Ultimate Collection.

For the past several years, I’ve been posting a collection of my favorite games. It can be a short series of posts, or a longer series. Sometimes it starts out with a particular game and then expands from there. Most recently, my “Ultimate Collection” was a full series of posts. This time around, I’ve decided to go with my favorite games. If there is a particular game that you think I should have in my collection, please post it in the comments.

You are either tall or small in this planet.

Fortunately, mankind devised a method of making everyone taller for as long as their ankles would let it.

Platform shoes are a kind of footwear that is so steep that it can actually level you up to heights you never believed possible.

Over the years, the fad has come and gone, but with TS4, it is here to stay.

Elevate your style with the most comprehensive platform shoe selection available online!


Slippers with Platforms

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It may take a long time to overcome concerns about one’s height, but it all begins at home.

You may use these platform shoes to create a flawless illusion for anything from getting up to taking a dump to preparing meals.

Your Sims will be confident enough to swagger about the neighborhood with their heads raised higher than normal before you realize it.


Madlen Markiz is a brand of footwear designed by Madlen Markiz.

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The wedge shoe, a timeless item of footwear that has lately made a comeback in vogue.

Summer favorites and a sensible alternative to deadly kitten heels, this shoe design has been around for a long time.

Fashionista parents would most likely be aware of it, and your Sims will be as well.

Well, until you get your hands on these Madlen Markiz sneakers CC from MJ95.


Platform by Converse

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Do you want to appear fashionably tall while being as comfy as possible?

The Converse Platform is here to meet you.

These puppies mix your love of canvas sneakers with your fixation with height, converting everyday Converse sneakers into high-end items.

This fantastic CC collection comes with 35 swatches to pick from.

And if you need more Converse inspiration, we’ve got you covered.


Molle Boots by Madlen

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Who says your Sims can’t live in the wild if they’re dressed up?

Hike slopes, mountains, and even hidden realms with elegance with these Madlen Molle Boots!

Download the CC and get a pair for each & every one of your Sim family members, choosing from 7 different colors.


Chelsea Boots with a Platform

Take a Look At This CC

I can’t help but think, “Damn, that’s sexy,” whenever I see someone wearing platform boots on a regular basis.

Hot as in sweaty-feet hot, but also appealingly hot.

Only a few handful are capable of wearing such footwear on a daily basis.

These ankle-length platform boots, on the other hand, are versatile enough to go with a range of outfits.

Try it out and enjoy a total of 16 swatches!


Boots with No Mercy

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Here’s a pair of stunning boots that Lady Gaga would undoubtedly approve of.

With these strappy boots in mid-calf and high-top lengths, you may channel the “Chromatica” style.

Your Sims have enough color power to make their presence felt throughout the area, thanks to the 20 vivid colors available.


Bootie Vortex

Take a Look At This CC

If the devil dressed in Prada, this would be it.

I have no doubt that this Vortex Bootie CC was created in the lowest circle of hell, with its thin and towering stiletto.

With this CC by Sentate, you may turn your Sim’s feet into a dangerously tempting 90-degree angle.


Leather Ankle Boots with Texture

Take a Look At This CC

Nothing beats a pair of chunky-soled boots for making people stop and look from head to toe.

Dr. Martens boots have had a lasting appeal for decades, and it seems that it will continue for decades to come.

Especially if you have the option of forcing your Sims to dress in any way you choose.

Add this fashion must-have to your Sim’s wardrobe and you’ll be a street style expert in no time.


Sandals with Jelly Platforms

Take a Look At This CC

Flatforms with shark teeth soles seem unsightly at first.

But, believe me, there’s a reason behind it.

Flatforms were created to combine the height of heels with the comfort of flats, but not everyone in the fashion world was immediately smitten.

It isn’t the most attractive shoe on the market. However, in the sake of comfort, compromises must be made.

Your Sims wouldn’t know the difference, but at the very least, these Jelly Platform Sandals are adorable.


Platform Sandals in Velvet with Socks

Take a Look At This CC

This is a pair of heels you can rely on to keep your Sims stable for more than five minutes.

With these Velvet Platform Sandals from Jius-sims, the world of The Sims can be your runway.

This CC is now available with matching lace stockings in two colors for adolescents to seniors.


Xilia Boots by Madlen

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There are high-heeled boots in the fashion industry that can lift you off the ground.

Then there are the ultra-high-heel boots that can propel you into space.

The Xilia Boots by Madlen fall into the latter type, with a stiletto that makes me dizzy.

Slip into these stylish pair of over-the-knee leather boots to make your Sim grow a head taller in less than a minute.


Platforms by Mary Jane

Take a Look At This CC

The traditional Mary Janes may be styled in a variety of ways.

And the possibilities are limitless with this CC by DallasGirl.

These Mary Jane Platforms may provide a delicate touch to your Sims’ overall appearance, whether they’re wearing a plaid skirt, pants, or shorts.

If Harry Styles can do it, then your Sims can, too.


Slick Platform High Sneakers by Tread

Take a Look At This CC

The idea behind platform shoes was straightforward:

What if we attached 4-inch platforms to the bottoms of fashionable sneakers?

The people embraced the concept because of the insanity of the 1990s.

These legendary shoes are making a return on the runway after more than two decades.

Grab this CC from author DarkNighTt Sims to be an early adopter of the trend.


Boots with a Platform and a High Heel

Take a Look At This CC

Platform sandals are comfortable, but platform boots were designed to frighten those who don’t have their own.

Platform boots are sleek, charismatic, and showy, and they do a good job of grabbing people’s attention since they clearly scream big dick energy.

Do you want your Sim to wear platforms to appear glamorous?

You’ve figured out how to do it the simplest manner possible.


Heels Caprice

Take a Look At This CC

Platform shoes have been around since 220 B.C., and they’ve developed from stilt-like death traps to appearing like death traps but with a more appealing appearance.

Take, for example, these Caprice Heels.

If you make a mistake, your Sims may suffer more than a concussion.

However, after they’ve mastered walking in this monster of a sneaker, towering above virtually anybody who isn’t an NBA giant will be a piece of cake.

Get these heels from CC creator kindness and choose from 13 different hues.

After being extremely busy with school and everyday life, I have not had a whole lot of free time to play video games. This week, I decided to change that. I spent several hours playing through the Ultimate Collection Challenge, which is essentially a marathon to finish all the games in each of the Zelda series. Not only did I complete every game, but I also obtained all the game endings in each series. It took me 9 hours to finish the challenge, but I was able to beat all the games in less than half the time. It was a very satisfying experience.. Read more about whitney houston – the ultimate collection songs and let us know what you think.

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