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Sea Of Thieves is an open-world pirate game that allows players to play with others in a world of exploration and adventure. Now, if you’re a fan of the game, you might be happy to know that you can give your character some personal flair with cool in-game skins. But that’s not all there is to it. You can also access a store where you can buy even more skins.

The popular game Sea Of Thieves is on its way to Xbox One, however, the release has been delayed due to a number of problems with the game.

One of the most difficult aspects in Sea of Thieves is mastering your cannons.

Mastery will take hundreds of hours to achieve. It’s something that distinguishes the ordinary pirate from genuine maritime legends.

There are cannons to suit any crew, whether you want them to be beautiful or give you an advantage in battle.

Whatever you’re searching for, this list will provide you with the finest of the best.


Sailor Cannons (number 15)

Every Pirate Legend started off as a novice.

And it was with them that they all began on their ships.

Every new ship begins with a pair of Sailor Cannons. However, despite their drab and simple appearance, they are really very useful.

Sailor Cannons don’t attract notice to your ship (in fact, if you want to exploit that to your advantage, they make you seem like a new player!).

They also don’t have any components that get in the way while you’re shooting.

These cannons perform precisely as expected and are ideal for learning the ropes with.


Dawn Hunter Cannons (No. 14)

Pirates have a reputation for being brutal.

There are no guns on the seas that express it better than these.

With their basic, unobtrusive appearance, Dawn Hunter Cannons may not seem to be much.

However, only individuals who have sold 600 things while flying the Reaper’s Bones Emissary Flag – which grants the Plundered Prizes Level 5 Commendation – may purchase them.

These guns are towards the bottom of the list since you might have gotten your loot from a variety of crews, or you could have simply discovered it on the ground.


13. Cannons of Nightshine Parrots

The Nightshine Parrot set is very popular, and pirates all around the world wear it because of its distinctive light blue.

The Nightshine Parrot Cannons are no different, wearing the same silver, black, and blue as the rest of the set.

They’re also very simple to utilize. And all of the feathery detail is on the sides, where it won’t interfere with your aim (sorry, but you can’t use that as an excuse!).

However, for 110,250 Gold, these Cannons aren’t inexpensive. If you add in the remainder of the ship set, you’re looking at well over a million dollars.

However, it is well worth the money for one of the best-looking sets in the game.


12. Kraken Cannons with Venom

The Kraken is an awe-inspiring foe.

And according to these cannons, you not only battled it, but you also survived to tell the story many times.

The Venomous Kraken Cannons are only available to crews brave enough to beat the Kraken 10 times – and they stand out with their bright green and yellow base & ink-stained tube.

These are unlikely to deter the typical pirate.

Tentacled beasties, on the other hand, may think twice!


Cannons of Golden Barnacles, No. 11

The greatest part about Sea Of Thieves’ seasonal update is that we get new cosmetics like these.

The Golden Barnacle Cannons, which feature a gorgeous golden fish etched around the tube, were a prize for achieving Renown Level 84 in Season 2.

Unfortunately, the fin at the base is useless for aiming. However, they are a fantastic season reward, and we hope to see more of them in the future.

If you didn’t get your hands on one, keep an eye out for them at the Shipwrights.


Cannons of the Wild Rose

The Wild Rose is one of the best sets for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the ocean.

These Wild Rose Cannons have a lovely black and gold color scheme with a delicate red rose on top. That rose is also out of the way while you’re shooting, allowing you to be deadly precise while looking beautiful!

These Cannons are 50 Doubloons, which are a bit more difficult to get by than Gold.

However, the quest is worthwhile.


9. The Ashen Dragon’s Cannons

With this cannon skin, you may burn your opponents on fire with Ashen fire…

You can, if you put Firebombs into it.

The Cannons Of The Ashen Dragon are unlike any other cannon. If you have these on board, don’t expect to be creeping up on any ships.

These Cannons cost 69,950 Gold and feature a big blazing flaming dragon wrapped around them.

And getting your hands on one of them may be difficult, since they can only be obtained by using a Tome from an Ashen Chest, and those Tomes are all different.

Beating some Ashen Guardians is an excellent place to start if you want a chance at acquiring these beautiful cannons.


Cannons of the Order of Souls

I was hoping for a name from the Order Of Souls that was a little more mysterious.

However, the Order Of Souls Cannons look fantastic and are very simple to operate, so I’ll overlook the generic name.

There’s also a ridge over the top of these cannons, which may assist you place your bullets.

Of course, it isn’t ideal. But you have something with which to align your targets, something most cannons can’t provide.

If they pique your interest, you’ll have to put in some work: you’ll need to be level 60 with the Order Of Souls to play them.

Still, it’s a fair reward for your hard work.


Cannons of the Dark Adventurers

These cannons aren’t going to assist you much with your aim.

However, if you can afford them, your goal is likely to be good.

The Dark Adventurers Cannons aren’t cheap, costing almost 4 MILLION GOLD in total!

Even if you have that sort of cash on hand, being a Pirate Legend is required before you can add them to your ship.

The Dark Adventurers Cannons, like the rest of the set, are finished in a sleek black with stunning silver trim, and will certainly frighten any crew that knows them.


Ghost Cannons (No. 6)

If the Dark Adventurer set is out of your price range, these following cannons are unique to Pirate Legend and cost a fraction of the price.

Ghost Cannons are just 500,000 Gold (still expensive, but less so than 4 million!)

They’re also one-of-a-kind, with sections that shine a faint blue.

There aren’t any phantom ship cosmetics, but these guns seem like they might have been plucked off the Ferry of the Damned and come close.


5. Cannons for Sea Dogs

If you’re a seasoned PvP player looking for a reliable cannon to get the job done, they may be the best in the game for you.

The Sea Dog Cannons are as basic and quiet as they come, requiring level 40 in the Order Of Souls Faction to acquire.

There are no colors or details. It’s just a basic thin tube to aim and fire.

There’s nothing stopping you from sending your victim to Davy Jones’ Locker with these cannons at your disposal.

For purists, these are the canons.


Cannons of Soulflame

If the Ghost Cannons weren’t quite up to par, the Soulflame Cannons may be.

These are the first guns in this list that cost Ancient coins, the premium money in Sea Of Thieves.

But if you crank up all the dials to 11, they look like the Ghost Cannons.

The Soulflame Cannons’ bases produce an eerie green mist that blends in with even the darkest of ships.

Although they are difficult to aim with, they may be enough to frighten off other workers without the need to fire a shot.


3. Cannons of the Dark Warsmith

The Dark Warsmith Cannons are also Ancient Coins, but they’re so terrifying that they had to be included!

With gold spikes around the barrel, these guns appear menacing no matter what type of ship they’re mounted on.

To go with them, there’s a Dark Warsmith Cannon Flare that surrounds every shot in flaming ash.

Even if you’ve just just signed on to begin your travels, they will make you seem to be warlords to avoid.


2. The Magnificent Sea Dog Cannons

If you notice a crew wearing these on their ship, you should avoid getting into a battle with them unless you want to die.

Only those who have achieved level 40 in the Sea Dog faction are eligible to purchase the Glorious Sea Dog Cannons.

This indicates that they are genuine Arena grizzled fighters.

The crimson and gold color combination on these cannons is stunning. They’re also thin, as you’d expect from a PvP group, making them extremely simple to target…

Not that any of the crews that use them need assistance.


1. Cannons for Killer Whales

A crew equipped with Glorious Sea Dog Cannons is not to be underestimated. However, you’d be a fool to underestimate a group like them.

The Killer Whale Cannons are only accessible to individuals who have reached level 45 with The Hunter’s Call and cost 3500 gold.

The fishing faction, to be precise.

No other group is as stingy with its reputation as this one.

As a result, pirates who have reached this level have seen everything and have likely invested hundreds of hours in the game.

The greatest part about these cannons is how cool they appear, with a distinctive deep blue color scheme. And, to top it off, they’re a blast to shoot with.

Any crew that wears this skin will have a lot of pirate stories to tell. As a result, they are at the top of our ranking.

The top 15 best cannon skins in Sea of Thieves, which can be worn in the game to make your pirate look cool, unique and awesome.. Read more about best ship customization sea of thieves and let us know what you think.

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The best cannon in Sea of Thieves is the one that you have.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best skin in Sea of thieves?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best skin in Sea of Thieves is the Captains Hook.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the rarest skin in Sea of thieves?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The rarest skin in Sea of Thieves is the Kraken.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cannon in sea of thieves?

The best cannon in Sea of Thieves is the one that you have.

What is the best skin in Sea of thieves?

The best skin in Sea of Thieves is the Captains Hook.

What is the rarest skin in Sea of thieves?

The rarest skin in Sea of Thieves is the Kraken.

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