Battlefield 4 Commander – Multiplayer Feature

Battlefield4 - Commander Feature

The Battlefield 4 Commander is a new feature in the multiplayer portion of the game. The Commander in Battlefield 4 is a role played by one player per team, and has access to tools and weapons to help his team win. The Commander can use the Battlescreen on mobile devices to manage his team.

The Battlefield 4 Commander is selected at the beginning of each round, where every player can apply for the position. Usually the player with the highest rank gets the award. While the Commander has access to an overview screen with RTS-like features, he can still play in the game as a regular soldier.

Battlefield 4 Commander features

The Battlefield 4 Commander has access to several unique features. For example, he can drop supplies anywhere on the map to help his teammates. Or he can provide a UAV to scan a certain area for enemies. The Commander in Battlefield 4 can also call in an artillery strike to a specific point on the map.

The Battlefield 4 Commander has access to a special overview of the map, where he can see anything that goes on, spot enemies, give orders, and more. Squad leaders from his team can also request supplies and orders to be executed.

The Battlefield 4 Commander can also be played via a tablet (such as an iPad, as seen above), without any need to connect to a PC or game console. The game can be played on the go, where the tablet can be used to command and lead a team of players.

Battlefield 4 Commander weapons and gadgets

Battlefield 4 Commander weapons and gadgets

The Battlefield 4 Commander will have several powerful weapons at his disposal. These include artillery strikes against infantry and buildings, and more precise weapons against vehicles, such as the Tomahawk missile. Here’s a full list of the weapons and gadgets that the Commander has access to:

  • Tomahawk missile strike: +50 points to deploy + kill bonus
  • UAV deployment: duration: 10 seconds. +25 points for each kill your team gets within UAV zone
  • Supply drop
  • Map scan feature that reveals enemy infantry
  • EMP strike: duration: 20 seconds. +25 points for each kill within EMP zone
  • AC-130 Gunship against ground targets. +50 for each kill
  • Vehicle drop

Battlefield 4 Commander tips

The Commander in Battlefield 4 is a very important role. Given two equal teams, the one with the better Commander will usually win. Commanders need to know the game modes and maps very well, and they need to know the strengths and weaknesses of their teams in order to better lead. It’s frowned upon Commanders who play actively in the game instead of actually leading the team.

If the Battlefield 4 Commander isn’t doing his job, e.g. participating in combat instead of commanding, his teammates can vote to replace him with a new player.

Commander screenshots

Commander screenshots