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Battlefield 4 Ribbons – In-game Awards

Battlefield 4 Ribbons – In-game Awards

Battlefield 4 ribbons are in-game awards given to players for accomplishing certain tasks in a round. For example, a Battlefield 4 ribbon might be awarded when a player gets a certain amount of kills with a particular weapon, or when they capture a certain amount of flags, etc. When enough of the same ribbons are collected, players will receive Battlefield 4 medals as an additional reward.

In general, Battlefield 4 ribbons are much easier to earn than medals in the game. While medals sometime take dozens if not hundreds of hours to earn, ribbons can be earned in a single round of gameplay. There are also generally more ribbons than medals in the game.

Ribbons and other awards can be tracked on Battlelog. Ribbons are easier to earn in Battlefield 4 than BF3. For example, the flag capture ribbon is awarded after just capturing two flags in Conquest, while in BF3, a total of four captures were required.

Battlefield 4 ribbons list

The base game features a total of 45 Battlefield 4 ribbons, all of which can be seen above. Of course, not all ribbons will be available immediately, as some will arrive with new expansions and new Battlefield 4 DLC. Here’s the complete list of all ribbons in the game:

Weapon ribbons

  • Handgun: kill 4 enemies with handguns in one match, such as the M1911
  • Assault rife: kill 6 enemies with assault rifles in one match, such as the M416
  • Carbine: kill 6 enemies with carbines, like the M4 or AKU-12
  • Sniper Rifle: kill 6 enemies with sniper rifles, such as the M98B
  • LMG: kill 6 enemies with a light machine gun, like the U-100
  • DMR: kill 6 enemies with a designated marksman rifle, like the M39
  • PWD: kill 6 enemies with a personal defense weapon / SMG, like the MX4
  • Shotgun: kill 6 enemies with a shotgun, like the SPAS-12
  • Melee: kill 4 enemies with a knife

Vehicle ribbons

  • IFV: kill 5 enemies with an infantry fighting vehicles, such as the LAV-25
  • Tank ribbon: kill 5 enemies with a main battle tank, such as the M1 Abrams
  • Anti-air: kill 4 enemies with an anti-air vehicles, such as the Tunguska
  • Scout helicopter:  get 5 kills with a scout helicopter, such as the Little Bird
  • Attack Helicopter: get 5 kills with the attack helicopter, e.g. AH-1Z Viper
  • Jet fighter: kill 5 enemies with a jet fighter, such as the F-35 or J-20
  • Watercraft: kill 5 enemies with a boat, such as the RCB or DV-15

Kit-specific ribbons

  • Anti-vehicle ribbon: destroy two vehicles in one match
  • Medkit ribbon: get 8 heals with the medkit pack
  • Defibrillator: get 5 revives with the defibrillator
  • Repair tool: get 8 repairs with the repair tool
  • Marskman: get a headshot over 250m distance
  • Radio beacon: get 3 squad mambers spawn on the radio beacon
  • Commander surveillance: get 10 Commander scan bonuses in one match
  • Commander resupply: drop 10 supply crates as the Commander
  • Commander leadership: get 10 orders followed as Commander
  • Commander gunship: destroy 2 enemy gunships as the Commander

Teamplay ribbons

  • Squad wipe: get two squad wipe scores in one match
  • Headshot: get 3 headshots in one match
  • Ammo: get 8 resupplies with the ammo box
  • Kill assist: get 5 kill assists
  • Avenger: get 2 avenger kills
  • Savior: get 2 savior kills
  • Spotting ribbon: get 4 spot bonuses
  • Ace Squad: be a member of the best squad in the match
  • MVP: get the highest score in the match

Game mode ribbons

  • Conquest ribbon: win a round of Conquest
  • Rush: win a round of Rush
  • Team Deathmatch ribbon: win a round of Team Deathmatch
  • Squad Deathmatch: win a round of Squad Deathmatch
  • Obliteration: win a round of Obliteration
  • Defuse: win a round of Defuse
  • Domination: win a round of Domination
  • Flag capture: capture 2 flags in conquest
  • M-COM attacker: arm 2 M-COM stations in Rush
  • Bomb Delivery: deliver 1 bomb in Obliteration