Battlefield 4 DLC – Expansion Packs

Battlefield 4 all DLCs

Battlefield 4 DLC, or downloadable content, are additional expansion packs released for the game. The Battlefield 4 DLC includes new maps, new Battlefield 4 vehicles, new weapons, assignments, and more.

The DLC packs are more than just regular map maps, as they include new game modes as well, in addition to a whole slew of other content (such as new player skins, awards, assignments, and more).

Battlefield 4 DLC list

Owners of Battlefield 4 Premium will get free access to all Battlefield 4 DLC, while the rest will have to pay for each individual expansion. The expansions will likely cost $15 a piece. Here’s a list of the confirmed DLC so far:

As more and more Battlefield 4 DLC is announced, we’ll update this page accordingly. The previous game had a total of 5 DLC packs, and we expect BF4 to have at least that many.

Those with a Premium subscription to the game will get free access to all Battlefield 4 DLC. Premium is available on all platforms and retails for $50. Premium is generally a good deal if you’re looking to purchase several DLC packs, as it’ll come out much cheaper in the end.

In addition, it includes many other features besides DLC and expansions. These include new weapons, camos, game tips, dog tags, and more.

It’s rumored that some older maps will be offered as remakes in future Battlefield 4 DLC. These rumored maps include Road To Jalalabad, Great Wall, wake Island, and more.