Battlefield 4 Lancang Dam – Multiplayer Map


Battlefield 4 Lancang Dam is a multiplayer map based around a large dam in the Lancang area in China. The Lancang Dam map in Battlefield 4 features a mix of vehicle and infantry combat, including naval combat as well.

The control points are arranged in a “U” shape around the large dam in the canter of the map. One of the control points is set on a small island, while most of the combat is centered around the control points close to the dam.

Battlefield 4 Lancang Dam layout

The Battlefield 4 Lancang Dam map features both land, air, and sea vehicles, as the main area of the map is surrounded by open waters from a riverside. In the conquest mode, there are 5 different capture — four of them spread across the mainland that surrounds the large dam, and the last one set on a tiny island outside.

Battlefield 4 Lancang Dam vehicles

The map features a wide selection of land, air, and sea vehicles, depending on the game mode and the map size.

Lancang Dam screenshots

Lancang Dam screenshots