Battlefield 4 Naval Strike – Expansion Pack

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike - Expansion Pack

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike is a multiplayer expansion pack which focuses on naval combat. The Naval Strike Battlefield 4 DLC focuses on maps with large, open waters, and small to medium sized islands. It takes place in the China Sea, much like some of the regular Battlefield 4 maps.

As with all other expansions, Battlefield 4 Naval Strike will be available for free to Premium owners, while regular price will be $15 on all platforms. Those with Premium will also get a two-week head start on the DLC. Naval Strike will be the first expansion pack in the history of the series to focus exclusively on naval combat.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike content

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike includes four new, sea-based multiplayer maps, in addition to new weapons, vehicles, awards, and other features that each expansion pack includes. Naval Strike was first unveiled during GamesCom 2013.

In addition to the new maps and vehicles, Naval Strike also includes the new Carrier Assault multiplayer game mode, which is a remake of the popular Titan game mode from BF2142.

Naval Strike map list

Naval Strike includes four new multiplayer maps:

Battlefield 4 Lost Islands
Battlefield 4 Wave Breaker
Battlefield 4 Operation Morar
Battlefield 4 Nansha Strike

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike weapons and gadgets

Naval Strike includes 5 new weapons spread across the four classes, and several new gadgets as well. Here’s is the complete list of all new weapons and gadgets introduced with Naval Strike:

Battlefield 4 AR160
Battlefield 4 SR338
Battlefield 4 SR-2
Battlefield 4 SW40
Battlefield 4 AWS
Battlefield 4 AA mine
Battlefield 4 3GL

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike screenshots

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike screenshots