Battlefield 4 Weapons – Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns & More

Battlefield 4 Weapons Information

Battlefield 4 weapons range from assault rifles, to shotguns, to rocket launchers, and many more. Since Battlefield 4 is a game with a modern day setting, which means its weapons accurately resemble the rifles, pistols, shotguns, etc. of the modern world. The game includes plenty of weapons which have never been featured in the series before.

Battlefield 4 weapons are similar to the ones found in BF3, and many guns are expected to return in BF4. Players will also be able to get unlocks for their weapons, including a wide range of scopes, grips, barrels, and more.

Types of Battlefield 4 weapons

Battlefield 4 will include a range of different weapons just like its predecessors. Everything from rifles, to sub-machine-guns, to machine guns, to sniper rifles, and grenade launchers will be featured in the game.

Battlefield 4 weapons will likely be unlocked in a similar fashion to the previous game. Most weapons will also feature numerous accessories, such as scopes, grips, flashlights, and other gadgets. The previous game in the series featured over 100 weapons, and it’s likely that Battlefield 4 will have just as many, if not more.

Battlefield 4 weapons list

Battlefield 4 assault rifles
Battlefield 4 sniper rifles
Battlefield 4 machine guns
Battlefield 4 carbines
Battlefield 4 SMGs
Battlefield 4 shotguns
Battlefield 4 pistols
Battlefield 4 rocket launchers
Battlefield 4 grenades
Battlefield 4 Scopes
Battlefield 4 gadgets and equipment
Battlefield 4 attachments and accessories

Some Battlefield 4 weapons can be used by all classes, such as SMGs and shotguns, while other weapons can only be used by a specific class. For example, carbines and rocket launchers are limited to Engineers, while sniper rifles are limited to Recons.

Heavy machine guns can only be used by the Support class, and assault rifles can only be equipped by the Assault class. All pistols can be used by all classes.

Battlefield 4 weapons and unlocks

Battlefield 4 weapons unlocks

Most Weapons in Battlefield 4 have to be unlocked for their specific classes, while general weapons are unlocked by reaching certain ranks in the game.

To get specific accessories and attachments for a particular weapon, you need to accumulate a certain amount of kills with that particular gun in order to receive the unlock. For the first time, BF4 introduces “Battle pickup weapons“, which are special weapons (like the M82 sniper rifle), which cannot be equipped by the player. Instead, these powerful weapons have to be picked up at select spots on the map.

For a complete list of weapon unlocks, check out the attachments and accessories page.

There are also specific Battlefield 4 awards given when achieving certain amount of kills with different weapons and weapon categories. These include service starts for individual weapons, and in-game ribbons.

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Besides the weapons, there are also a number of gadgets and equipment which can be effective weapons against the enemy. The Engineer has access to AT mines, which are effective against vehicles, while the Support class can use the Claymore against infantry. The Recon has access to C4, which can take out enemy vehicles and infantry alike.