NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jensen Huang to Receive Robert N. Noyce Award, the Semiconductor Industry’s Top Honor

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Millions of people use their computers to do everything from playing games to using their electronic devices to send email and browse the web, and in doing so rely on NVIDIA’s (NVDIA) graphics processors to keep their experience fast and smooth. Now, the company that created the graphics processor is giving one of its most prominent leaders an award to recognize the key role it’s played in the computer industry.

Dr. Robert Noyce is best known for co-founding Fairchild Semiconductor with Dr. Jack Kilby in 1957, which led to the creation of the world’s first microchip, the silicon transistor, which is now used in many important electronic devices. Dr. Noyce was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1970 for his work in the development of the integrated circuit.

Jensen Huang has received the Robert N. Noyce Award, the Semiconductor Industry’s Top Honor, for advancing the standard of excellence for technical innovation in the semiconductor industry. The award, which will be presented at the 2018 International Semiconductor Research and Development Conference (ISRC) in San Francisco on November 8, has been presented annually since 1975.

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The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has announced that Jensen Huang, the creator and CEO of NVIDIA, will receive the Robert N. Noyce Award this year. This award is the highest accolade in the semiconductor industry.

Huang was named the winner of the Robert N. Noyce Award in 2024 for his apparently outstanding leadership and achievements to the semiconductor industry in technology and/or public policy. On November 18, 2024, he will receive the prize at the SIA Awards Dinner.

The CEO, who wears a leather jacket, co-founded NVIDIA in 1993 and has managed the popular business behind GeForce GPUs since its creation.

Jensen has received many accolades, including the SIA’s Robert N. Noyce Awards. The IEEE Founder’s Medal and the Dr. Morris Chang Exemplary Leadership Award are among the numerous honors he has received.

Jensen has received honorary doctorates from Taiwan’s National Chiao Tung University, National Taiwan University, and Oregon State University, among others.

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“Jensen Huang’s remarkable vision and relentless execution have significantly strengthened our business, transformed computing, and advanced artificial intelligence,” SIA president and CEO John Neuffer stated. “From gaming to scientific computing to self-driving vehicles, Jensen’s achievements have driven innumerable inventions, and he continues to develop technology that will change our business and the globe. We’re honored to award Jensen the Robert N. Noyce Award in 2024 for his contributions to semiconductor technology.”

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