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At first glance, Dreamscaper seems to not be very useful. No, it isn’t the combination of games and music you would expect to find. Instead, Dreamscaper is an automation tool that allows users to schedule complex and automated tasks to run on their favorite computer games. Dreamscaper is compatible with Steam and Windows, and the two versions of the program are offered for a price of $15.

Dreamscaper is a pretty interesting and unique game. A short intro to a game we found a few months ago. I had to buy it when I saw it’s price at a local game store. The game is a bit of a odd one to talk about, the game is not entirely RPG’s but also not a typical Platformer, there’s another genre if you want to call it that.

Review – Dreamscaper – DreamScaper is the most complete and advanced pinball simulator for Android smartphones. It can save any game as a pinball table in the field of Pinball, Classic Pinball or Video Pinball. It’s a game, which brings the pinball player to live in the game, where you can play pinball anytime and anywhere, and on any device. It’s a favorite among pinball enthusiasts. And now the game is available for Android smartphones.

During this year’s E3, I got the pleasure of experiencing Dreamscaper from Afterburner Studios. It’s a roguelite with an overarching narrative that continues even after you fail a run, akin to Hades (which is its closest similarity). This was one of my favorite aspects of Hades, so it’s exciting to see another game follow in its footsteps.

In Dreamscaper, you take on the role of Cassidy, a lady dealing with mental health problems after relocating to a new location. She slips into a nightmarish realm created by events in her past whenever she falls asleep. To go on, she’ll have to fight her way through representations of her inner demons. She wakes up at the start of a new day every time she dies in the dream world, having to navigate the actual world.

Here is Cassidy’s house, and this is where you’ll begin each day.

The gameplay in Dreamscaper is divided into two sections: the dream world and the actual world. Both of these parts are played in a completely distinct way. In the waking world, the gameplay is considerably more narrative-driven, with no fighting. Cassidy will instead have the opportunity to explore other parts of her community and meet new people. Not every location will be accessible straight first, and she will not be able to engage in complete discussions with everyone she encounters. After each new day, more places will open up and people will be more willing to speak with Cassidy. In order to strengthen herself against her horrors in the dream world, she’ll have to form new connections and ties in the waking world.

To me, it seems to be a regular city, with weirdos out at night.

When Cassidy is in the dream world, this is when Dreamscaper turns into a roguelite. The combat is fluid, flashy, and responsive. Along the way you’ll also be able to find different weapons and items that will increase your stats and give you various perks. There’s a nice variety in the weapons, which are based around things from her past, such as a baseball bat or a yo-yo. As with every roguelike/lite, these disappear as soon as your run ends.

You may also spend money to improve Cassidy’s gear and stats. In-dream money includes keys, explosives, and sand, which may be used to unlock new pathways and get over barriers in your current run. Keepsakes provide stat enhancements, such as greater health, and may be stacked. These may be found all throughout the dream world. Resolve and Inspiration are real-world currency that may be spent to boost Cassidy’s stats indefinitely. She obtains them through forming and maintaining new connections with individuals she meets in her new community. The dream world’s surroundings are procedural, meaning they change after each run. The real-world portions, on the other hand, are persistent, with the narrative continuing at all times. Not just for permanent stat increases, but also for discovering more of the narrative, talking to individuals in the real world is essential.

Cassidy may utilize her sketch book to earn permanent advantages in the dream world by bringing it to her local coffee shop.

The dream world is divided into six sections, each with its own biome, optional challenge, and monster. The puzzles aren’t very tough, but they do provide a fun challenge and excellent rewards if you discover and finish them. Dreamscaper’s highlight, in my view, is the boss fights. Fear, Isolation, Negativity, and Loss are all based on one of Cassidy’s worst feelings. Each of these bosses’ designs is a fantastic depiction of each of these emotions. They each have their own unique combat style and attack routines. It’s also worth noting that you can’t just hack and slash your way through Dreamscaper’s opponents, particularly the bosses. They need a considerably more systematic approach, with the key to victory being precise timing and recognition of their unique assault patterns.

The first boss you’ll face is the Leviathan. What a lovely set of teeth you have!

Dreamscaper’s graphics are stunning. I like how the appearance of the dream world and the waking world differs. Surreal images and a faint haze fill the dream world, giving it an unearthly, ethereal feel. The actual world has more natural tones and dimensions, which gives it a more genuine look. My only major criticisms are that the opponent diversity is restricted and that the NPCs lack the same degree of complexity as other characters. To be honest, such problems are trivial in the grand scheme of things.

The sound design, like so much else in Dreamscaper, is excellent. There is no voice acting, which I found disappointing since I believe it would have improved the NPC interactions. The sound effects, on the other hand, are excellent, as is the music. The music, like the images, sells the idea of being in a dream world vs the actual one via its contrasting aesthetics. During boss fights, the waking world has calm, somewhat sad music, while the dream realm contains soundtracks that vary from ominous to majestic. Each tune was perfectly suited to the tone of each segment.

Each biome is a warped reflection of Cassidy’s history, like this Burger House from her hometown.

Dreamscaper is an amazing indie gem and is an easy recommendation for fans of roguelikes/lites. Much like with Hades, the combat is fun with an addictive gameplay loop, plus the fact that the story gets deeper and more is revealed as you play will keep you wanting to come back for more. Each time I dive in I have a hard time putting the game down. It’s not only fun, but it’s a highly emotional journey with a lot to say about mental health and overcoming past trauma. Dreamscaper is something truly special and I can’t recommend it enough.


Graphics that have an ethereal quality to them. Each biome has its own unique appearance and atmosphere. The waking world regions, on the other hand, seem to be very tiny in contrast. Combat is quick, responsive, flamboyant, and enjoyable. Hades fans should feel right at home here. The emphasis on the story and meeting new acquaintances in the world is a good contrast and provides a feeling of balance between the combat portions.
The musical score is fantastic, including everything from sad songs to grandiose soundtracks. The sound effects are lively as well. There is no voice acting, which I believe would have added to the realism of the scenes. Dreamscaper is a game with an addictive gameplay loop and an emotive and intriguing narrative. It combines the finest of both worlds and perfectly balances each part. However, I believe that some of the NPCs should have been filled out a bit more.
Final Score: 8.5

Dreamscaper is now available for PC and Nintendo Switch.

On a computer, I reviewed it.

The publisher supplied me with a copy of Dreamscaper.

As an example:

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Look at them!

Dreamscaper is a 2D platformer that lets you explore a maze filled with monsters, collect coins, and solve puzzles. Not a very original concept, but it is executed well, and the price is right. Each level has you collecting coins to earn a key that opens the door to the next level. The levels are nicely designed and enjoyable to run through, with a nice variety of monsters to fight along the way.. Read more about dreamscaper download and let us know what you think.

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