Tormented Souls Endings Guide – How to Get Best Ending, Worst Ending


The Persona series of games are often considered to be some of the most infamous JRPGs around. Often criticized for their over-the-top plots and characterizations, the series has also been accused of using lazy writing tricks to make its story more interesting. This guide will help players navigate the game’s plot, giving valuable insight into what to expect at the game’s end.

What are the odds of ending the game with the best ending? How about ending with ending that is considered to be the worst ending? These are questions that may have crossed your mind before, but never with the amount of attention that this game will give you. Let’s take a look at what are the best ending, worst ending, and how to get them.

The game Tormented Souls has an easy to follow guide on how to get the best ending. However, for some odd reason, it’s pretty hard to find the guide for getting the worst ending (which is the one you want to end up with).

This Endings for Tormented Souls will teach you how to get all three of the game’s endings. We’ve got you covered whether you want to see what the good ending gets you, what the terrible ending gets you, or simply want to get to the regular conclusion of the tale.

Tormented Souls has three possible endings:

  • Adoption is a term that refers to the (Best Ending)
  • Absence of memory (Neutral)
  • Regret (Worst Ending)

Tormented Souls Endings Guide

We’ve broken out exactly what you need to do to obtain all three game endings down below.

Adoption is the best outcome.

The best way to complete the game is to save your sister, Anna, and then leave the house together. But to do so, you’ll need a few crucial things that will enable you to rescue your sister by restoring her to her previous condition, as well as guarantee that the two of you escape the house safely.

The Antidote is the first item needed, and it can be found in William’s Office once you finish the puzzle. Assuming you’ve solved the problem by going through the doors, defeating the monsters, and obtaining the antidote, you may now continue with the main narrative until you reach the conclusion.

You must complete the important step of going towards the creature that was chasing you and using the antidote on it when you talk to Noah, kill the enemies, and get the Cross Key to escape outside at the point in the story where you talk to Noah, kill the enemies, and get the Cross Key to escape outside. This will cause the monster to return to your sister, Anna. Despite the fact that Anna seems to be dead, your job is not yet complete.

Pick up the bolt cutters in the same area after the sequence with Anna before leaving to fight the game’s final boss. Make your way to the room with the VHS tape player and the projector after you’ve finished. Go to the screen after inserting the Experiment Tape into the player. This will transport you back in time to the moment when you must save Anna.

Your last goal is to utilize the bolt cutters you picked up earlier to break open the chain-locked jail cell and teleport back to the present game time. All that’s left is to utilize the Cross Key to get out of the mansion while Anna remains safe.

Forgetfulness as a neutral ending

Aside from the greatest ending, all of the other endings are determined by the decisions you make for the pivotal portion of the narrative. While the Neutral ending is still a nice one in which you may safely depart the mansion, even after administering the antidote on Anna, you still leave her behind.

This ending may be achieved in the same way as the greatest ending, but without the goal of going back in time with Anna using the Experiment Tape on the VHS player. To obtain this ending, make sure you acquire the Antidote from William’s Office, use it on the monster to transform it back into Anna, and then finish the game normally.

Worst Case Scenario – Regret

This is the ending when you totally disregard the critical job of using the antidote on the monster and instead finish the game by collecting the cross key, killing the final boss, and making your way to the exit.

While you may believe that this is the end, it is not. You will be attacked by the monster, who is already pouncing on you, as you open the door after utilizing the Cross Key and are just feet away from freedom.

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