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A market prohibited item is a weapon in a retail or online marketplace. It is illegal to sell, buy, or possess such items in all jurisdictions nationwide. This includes weapons, ammunition, explosives, drug paraphernalia, imitation firearms, and fireworks.

The word ‘Prohibited’ just makes you think, huh? That’s why the big retailers like BestBuy, Walmart, and Target are called ‘Market Prohibited’ websites. They may not be ‘illegal’ to visit, but if you have a criminal record or are under 18, then it’s probably best to avoid the ‘Market Prohibited’ websites. But what’s wrong with them?

Market prohibited items? The basic purpose of those are to prevent your account from being flagged for an account that was created by a third-party. The items are pretty much self-explanatory. In general, the items on the list will not prevent you from using your account. However, you must not use or purchase items that are on the list to circumvent the restrictions.

Market Prohibited Items are items that cannot be sold in the player market in Final Fantasy XIV.

Weapons and armor are the most common, but they may also include more unusual prizes like minions and Orchestrion Rolls.


How Can I Tell If Something Is Market Prohibited?

In your inventory or character screen, hover over it.

The phrase “Market Prohibited” will be at the bottom of the huge wall of text that normally accompanies weapons and armor, closer to the right.

This is a symbol for anything that can’t be sold on the Market Board.

You may be asking why this is necessary; well, certain prizes would lose part of their worth if they could just be sold to the highest bidder.

The 2B Automaton from the Nier-inspired raids, for example, is somewhat of a status symbol.

Would gamers be as motivated to finish raids if they could just purchase the reward? Most likely not.

It also protects Square’s income sources by preventing players from reselling cash shop goods for an in-game profit.

Yes, there are certain things that you may purchase with real money and then sell for gil. However, the overwhelming bulk of the glitzy goods will be prohibited from being sold in the market.


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What Are Some Examples Of Market Prohibited Items?

Weapons, armor, minions, Orchestrion Rolls, and other items are available.

You may discover that the bulk of the prizes you get from trials and raids are Market Prohibited – players are expected to earn these things fairly.

That’s not to suggest you can’t get any of the goods mentioned above from the Market Board – quite the contrary, in fact.

There are a lot of interesting minions as well as helpful gear and glamour upgrades to choose from.

Some material will be kept behind a paywall indefinitely, so if there’s anything you truly want, you’ll have to clear it the old fashioned way.

If an item isn’t Market Prohibited but still won’t sell, it may be Spiritbonded.

When you gain experience with a piece of gear equipped, you begin the process of spiritbonding.

It is possible to convert an object into Materia after it has been completely Spiritbonded. If you don’t want to bother, either finish the Materia Extraction or sell it to an NPC.

However, if you’d like to view a complete list of all Market Prohibited Items, follow this page.


What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Market Prohibited Items?

Thankfully, these goods aren’t doomed to remain in your inventory indefinitely. If that were the case, you’d soon run out of room!

There are a lot of things you can do with them, but none of them will earn you as much money as you’d want.

First and foremost, these goods can almost always be sold to NPC merchants.

Because the goods sold to these merchants just vanish into thin air, they have no effect on the in-game economy (or Square’s wallet).

You’ll get a little sum of gil and some more inventory space as a reward.

Are there any additional professions or courses you’d want to level up in the future?

Would they find that Market Prohibited stuff useful?

If that’s the case, it may be worth putting it away for a rainy day.

Market Prohibited gear of specific kinds may be traded in for Company Seals at your Grand Company.

Company Seals may be traded for a variety of items, including Grand Company advancement, retainer enterprises, and crafting resources.

Because the quantity of gil you receive from vendors is seldom substantial, this is frequently a far more worthwhile use for your Market Prohibited Items.

If everything else fails, you may always trash the object – after all, there isn’t a “Garbage Prohibited” modifier.

Everything’s sometimes better to simply toss it away and go on. Don’t stockpile everything!

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has strict regulations on what items you can bring to the airport and what you cannot. The TSA’s website has a nice explanation of prohibited items, but the rules can be a little confusing and hard to keep track of. Here are some examples of prohibited items:  – Weapons  – Explosives  – Prohibited items that could be used as weapons  – Prohibited items that are capable of being used as weapons  – Safe-cracking devices  – Prohibited items that are dangerous to the aircraft  – Prohibited items that are dangerous to the aircraft  – Prohibited items that compromise the security of the aircraft. Read more about ffxiv sell binding items and let us know what you think.

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