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Battlefield 4 Pearl Market


Battlefield 4 Pearl Market

Battlefield 4 Pearl Market is a multiplayer map that’s introduced with the Dragon’s Teeth DLC. Pearl Market in Battlefield 4 is set in a neighborhood in Hong Kong, and focuses mainly on infantry and urban combat.

Battlefield 4 Pearl Market overview

The Battlefield 4 Pearl Market map is based heavily on urban combat, where it’s about mainly infantry warfare. However, the map also includes some light vehicles. The map has a big focus on rooftop fights like Flood Zone, and in narrow alleyways beneath.

Pearl Market vehicles

Pearl Market is limited mostly to light transport vehicles. The biggest vehicle on the map is the AMTRAC personnel carrier. Other vehicles include the Dirt Bike and the Growler ITV transport vehicle.

Battlefield 4 Pearl Market screenshots

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  1. Ldude893
    June 17th, 2014 at 7:35 am

    Pearl Market is set in either Hong Kong or Macau. Aside from having neon signage that’s more iconic with those two cities, if you look at the short clip of the map in the Battlefield Premium video, you can see that the roads are meant for driving on the left side (the left side has the Chinese characters imprinted right side up, while a bit further there’s a van facing towards the screen on the right side). Hong Kong and Macau are the only cities in China with these kinds of roads.
    I think it’s more likely Hong Kong, since if it were a Macau map they’d probably set it in a casino instead.

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