Battlefield 4 Dawnbreaker – Multiplayer Map

Battlefield 4 Dawnbreaker is a multiplayer set in the heart of a major urban city. As its name suggests, Dawnbreaker in Battlefield 4 is set at dawn, making it one of the darker maps in the game. It’s the second map that’s set in a mainly urban area, the first being Siege of Shanghai. Operation Dawnbreaker is the only map with a (somewhat) night setting.

Battlefield 4 Dawnbreaker layout

The Battlefield 4 Dawnbreaker map is an urban map with a focus on infantry combat. However, there are still plenty of vehicles available to players, including jets.

The map is similar to Siege of Shanghai in its urban setting, but with a much darker look and tone. In Conquest, Dawnbreaker features 5 control points, all of them situated inside the city.

Battlefield 4 Dawnbreaker vehicles

Dawnbreaker screenshots

Dawnbreaker screenshots