Battlefield 4 Multiplayer – Game Modes


Battlefield 4 multiplayer game modes will include all of the popular game modes that have made the series into a celebrated franchise. These Battlefield 4 multiplayer game modes include the famous conquest, rush, and deathmatch game modes.

We’ve got a complete breakdown and guide of all the Battlefield 4 game modes below. Some of these game modes might now be available at launch and could be released later with DLC. Here’s the full list of all confirmed game modes:

Battlefield 4 Conquest
Battlefield 4 Rush
Battlefield 4 Deathmatch
Battlefield 4 Team Deathmatch
Battlefield 4 Squad Deathmatch
Battlefield 4 Squad Rush
Battlefield 4 Obliteration
Battlefield 4 Defuse
Battlefield 4 Domination
Battlefield 4 Air Superiority
Battlefield 4 Capture The Flag
Battlefield 4 Carrier Assault
Battlefield 4 Chain Link

Keep in mind that all game modes can also be played with the Battlefield 4 hardcore option.


Conquest is the tried and tested game mode that made the series to what it is today. Each teams starts with a set amount of flags and tickets, and the objective is to capture and hold the other flags as long as possible. The team with the least flags bleeds tickets at a faster rate. A ticket is used every time a player respawns. Conquest is one of the multiplayer game modes that is guaranteed to be included. Conquest is one of the modes where the Battlefield 4 commander is very important.

Conquest Assault

Conquest Assault is a variation of Conquest, where one team controls the majority of the flags, and it’s up to the other team to attack and take over the flags. Maps such as Strike At Karkand and Wake Island made this multiplayer game mode popular.


Battlefield 4 modes

Rush started with the Bad Company series and was promoted to the main series with BF3. It’s one of the Battlefield 4 multiplayer game modes that will be just as popular as Conquest. In Rush, a team of attackers tries to arm and destroy certain objectives, while a team of defenders tries to prevent them. Unlike Conquest, Rush offers much more intensity as all action is focused on one point at a time. The main objective in Rush is to destroy a series of M-COM stations.

Squad Rush

Just like rush, only with two teams of Battlefield 4 squads (of 4 soldiers). One squad defends the objective, while another squad tries to attack and destroy the objective. Since there are a lot less players in Squad Rush (a maximum of 10 compared to 64 in regular Rush), it offers a more tactical and tense combat.


Deathmatch was featured in the very first game in the series and returned with BF3. It’s every player for himself (up to 64 players) where the main objective is simply to kill the opponent until one player reaches the kill limit and wins the game.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch

The team version of Deathmatch: two teams duke it out and try to reach the kill limit first. Compared to regular Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch is less hectic since players have teammates around them to help. Another deathmatch mode is also available, called Squad Deathmatch, which has less players and more focus on teamwork.

Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag returned in BF3 with the End Game expansion pack, and might be featured as one of the Battlefield 4 multiplayer game modes in a future DLC. In Capture The Flag, the teams try to capture and return each other’s flags. The team with most flag captures at the end of the round wins.

Air superiority

Air superiority takes place in the sky and only includes jets. Players fly on a huge map and capture objectives, much like in Conquest. Each team has a certain amount of tickets, and the mechanics for winning are the same as in the Conquest multiplayer game mode, only flags are captured much faster.

Tank superiority

battlefield 4 Tank superiority

Tank Superiority features vehicle-heavy maps with only a single flag. Teams fight to control and defend this flag, which can be tough, since all action revolves around a single point on the map.

Other Battlefield 4 multiplayer game modes

We’re likely to see other Battlefield 4 multiplayer game modes released in DLC and expansions. Among those modes are Scavenger, where players run around and pick weapons up from the ground. Other game modes include Gun Master, where players need to get a kill with each weapon before advancing to the next. And Squad Deathmatch, which is basically Team Deathmatch, only with two to four squads of 4 players going against one another.

If there are any new Battlefield 4 multiplayer game modes, we’ll be sure to add them to our list.