Guide to Demon Hunter in PvE Shadowlands


It’s not just the exciting gameplay that makes the demon hunters attractive but the unusual start as well. A character starts its game from the eighth level, which affects the duration of the gameplay. It won’t be difficult to have some fun from the popular game and level the chosen hero up.

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Which covenant to choose


Choosing a specific covenant helps to make the gameplay simpler. The decision affects the characteristics of the character and will allow you to receive help from other members. The division into several groups is fully justified since in this way it is possible to create a unique combination and achieve the set goal.

The player can change the covenant at different game stages, so the choice of one option is not irreversible. However, it is worth noting that the player will have to start over and go through quests under the flag of a new clan. Since this is not difficult to do, changing the covenant is a common solution.

Most often demon hunters join the Ventien clan. Other covenants look attractive as well, but this one is the most fun. Ventirs are suitable for combat in raids and dungeons. Armor kits and other perks are available regardless of your decision.

Priority stats for demon hunters


Buying new equipment and finding items is complicated by the fact that the player needs to pay attention to the list of characteristics. By adding a ring or some other artefact, you can boost the selected hero. The choice of a suitable ability depends on the characteristics of the character, and in the case of demon-hunters, it even comes to the fore.

The choice of equipment should be carried out taking into account the character’s requirements for the list of characteristics, namely:

  • Agility. This skill is one of the most important parameters of equipment. The upgrade allows you to increase the level of damage and strength when attacking the enemy. Raising the level of a certain item contributes to the growth of the skill.
  • Critical hit. It’s easy to increase the attack when you have this skill perfectly levelled up. Thanks to this, the user gets the opportunity to defeat the enemy in a short time.
  • Acceleration. Boosting acceleration means shortening the required time to heal or recover. Sometimes this skill allows you to complete a full cycle in just 0.5 seconds instead of one. Cooldowns become shorter too, so you shouldn’t neglect this quality of items.
  • Versatility. If you reach the optimal level, it is possible not only to deliver powerful blows but also to feel the attacks less. This is a necessary skill for a demon hunter, as it brings an excellent enhancement of skills.
  • Mastery. This skill is the least attractive of all of the above. The secret to low efficiency is that scaling takes a long time and the result will be subtle.

The increase in skills is carried out by adding new items to the collection. Raise the level of the equipment you get and enjoy the benefits. Refusing to experiment with Mastery will have a positive effect on the Demon Hunter’s achievements.

Features of Demon Hunter


It’s quite difficult to understand the characteristics that make a character special. It will take a little time to find the relevant data or read a quick overview. The following points can highlight your characters among others:

  • Usage. The hunter uses magic to fight opponents and gains some advantage. Since the character possesses some of the traits of demons, you should expect great results from them. Close combat and high mobility are the main advantages of the character.
  • Resources. The hunter’s damage depends on the amount of accumulated rage. It is the main source of energy for demon hunters. Use Demon’s Bite and Chaos Strike to maximize damage.
  • Mobility. Active movement is necessary to defeat fast demons, so it’s worth taking care of your speed. Use specific skills to instantly approach or quickly leave the battlefield.
  • Protection. Keeping yourself and your team safe is no hassle when you’ve gained the ability to create darkness around you. At the first stages, you will need to hone the skill of hiding from enemies to perfection and then experiment with the team’s cover.
  • Unique mounts. The fel saber is a great companion for fighting enemies. Summoning an animal will not be difficult, because this skill is included in the list of character’s traits. You can get access to the skill from the first steps on the battlefield.

There is no better clothing for a demon hunter than an agility code. Pay attention to this skill and use the advantage to the maximum. It is also worth learning how to apply special techniques at the very beginning, and as your reputation improves and your character is upgraded, improve other skills.

Regular updates of PvE Shadowlands allow you to get new abilities and use them to your advantage. Pay attention to the innovations and learn to use the acquired skill. Of particular interest is the ability to change the shape of a weapon through transmogrification.

The search for enchantments, artefacts and equipment will allow you to improve the selected character. Collect items with a high level of agility and then use them to improve your combat skills. Mobility will also come in handy, since some artefacts can slow down mobements.

The ability to heal is a priority, since the success of the demon hunt depends on it. It is recommended to use this skill to reduce damage and complicate the enemies’ tasks. Close combat is the best condition for defeating the enemy.