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A new set of free Sims 4 downloads has just been released! These files include CC, Mods, and lots of other goodies that will enhance your haunted house building experience. I’ve included links to all of the mods so you can find them easily!

Welcome to the Sims 4 Haunted House CC! This is the second part of a larger compilation of mods that can be used in a TS4 mod-enabled game. The other part is the Sims 4 Graveyard CC and Sims 4 Park CC. sims 4 haunted house cc: “The Sims 4 Haunted House CC is a set of mods that add custom content to The Sims 4.”

Sims 4 Haunted House CC, Mods & Lots – Sims 4 is the newest game from EA and Maxis, and it comes with just about everything you could want in a game. It has content, custom content, mods, and lots options, and most of it is free. This blog post will provide you with a ton of information about the game, how to get mods, and how to get more options.

Haunted homes have existed since… well, since houses were created, I suppose.

If you believe in God, it makes perfect sense that some souls haven’t moved on and are still alive in a location that had a significant effect on their life.

If you’re not a believer, everything may be attributed to a home being scary and frightening people.

Forget about the footsteps, phantom whispers, and creaking shackles. Isn’t that all very understandable?

Hmm. Perhaps it’s better to leave the decision to the experts.

There are many ways to take this concept and run with it in The Sims 4 while remaining safe behind your computer screen. It’s definitely more enjoyable than real life since you’re not afraid of being touched or controlled by a ghost.

As Simmers, we may just enjoy creating and living in a scary environment via our Sims, and custom content allows you to go all out.


1. Paintings of Haunted Mansions


Take a Look At This CC

A haunted home isn’t always one that seems to be inhabited by spirits.

It may be a bit more subtle at times.

These paintings are really based on a Disneyland attraction, but they’re scary enough to fit right in.

Each artwork has an old-timey feel about it, which is ideal for haunted homes. The Sims are still there, and the home is still functional, but décor like this suggests that there is more to the setting than meets the eye.

Maybe these strange individuals’ eyes follow you around as you walk, or your Sim will constantly feel watched, even when they’re alone… or so they believe.


2. Murder Set (M is for Murder)


Take a Look At This CC

On the other hand, certain locations seem to be home to a few ghosts.

“Help” scrawled in blood on the wall will undoubtedly aid in this endeavor.

This gory set has everything you need to make any space suitably eerie. Handprints, phrases, and splatters are among the gory wall stickers.

With blood splattered over the sofa and chairs, the furniture appears like it came right out of a crime scene.

Finally, because it’s sort of a motif, you may add even more blood and dirt using customized rugs from the Backyard Stuff Pack.


3. Gravestones of Divinity


Take a Look At This CC

As someone who has already created spooky homes in The Sims, I felt compelled to add some gravestones to this list.

One of my favorite tropes is a buried, long-forgotten family cemetery on an ancient property. It’s wonderfully eerie.

You just purchased an amazing turn-of-the-century house, but weird things have begun to occur… Now that you’ve gotten rid of all the overgrown weeds, gasp!

Old tombs may be found just fifty feet from the home!

What a blast, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

These headstones have a different, older appearance than the ones we receive when our Sims die. As a result, they’re ideal for erecting an old-fashioned cemetery on your property.

Cover them partially with weeds and surround them with trees, and you’ve got yourself a pretty unsettling piece of décor.

Isn’t it true that the haunting has to originate from somewhere?

And ghosts can’t rest in peace if their last resting sites haven’t been maintained in decades.


Paintings of a Horseman and Medusa


Take a Look At This CC

These are some more paintings inspired by the Disneyland ride, but they were just too amazing to pass up.

If you don’t know any better (as I didn’t until I read the creator’s explanation), they seem just like the scary décor of a creepy person.

Some homeowners have become one with the spirits that haunt their residence… They may have even welcomed them in.

That would undoubtedly be reflected in the things they chose to decorate their rooms with.

Medusa and a skeletal horseman are certainly scary enough to pique someone’s interest.

These medium-sized paintings with gold frames would look great in a variety of settings. Guests will have to take a second look to fully appreciate the equal parts of beauty and strangeness.


Possessed Grounds (number 5) Lottery Trait


Take a Look At This Mod

Your Sim’s haunted home will only be haunted by imagination if you don’t apply modifications.

Rundown landscapes and gravestones will undoubtedly contribute to the eerie atmosphere.

If you want functionality, though, you’ll need a unique lot characteristic.

Simularity, the creator, has the ideal one right here.

It has a number of features, such as unique boosts that impact both the Sims on the property and those that come to visit.

They’ll receive a Fine moodlet the minute they set foot on the premises since they’ll sense something isn’t quite right.

They may also get a few of odd moodlets from hearing inexplicable things while they go about their day.

Was it simply the wind, or did they really hear a whisper?

But the real fun begins after the sun sets.

The spirits will emerge after 10 p.m.

This is determined by the length of time you’ve been playing and the number of Sims that have died in your save. Those of you who have been doing it for a while and have many generations are in for a great treat.

It may seem that several packs are needed to make this very detailed mod function, but that is not the case.

The basic game is all you’ll need.

If you have Vampire or Alien Sims, though, there are certain unique moodlets for them.


6. Mold Wallpaper that has faded


Take a Look At This CC

If ghosts have been scaring away prospective buyers for years, the property’s look is likely to deteriorate.

Do you ever notice homes in your neighborhood that seem to have a constant stream of renters? Nobody appears to stick there for more than a few months before another moving truck arrives.

Then the outside begins to deteriorate to the point where you know the interior must be a nightmare.

Perhaps it’s because of terrible landlords and excessive rent… or maybe it’s something a bit more nefarious that’s luring folks away.

The lack of loving care will wear a house down, and the wallpaper will be the first item to disappear.

Ineliz’s CC collection contains some fantastic antique wallpaper samples, replete with beautiful moldy patches.

You may choose from six different colors here, but you’ll never be able to get rid of the mold.

Isn’t it fantastic?

You may now construct the ramshackle cottage that best suits your environment.


Claw Marks Wall Set (Set of 7)


Take a Look At This CC

A haunted home may simply have a little effect on the inhabitants.

Without tangible proof, I’m sure it’s difficult for individuals who have seen paranormal activity to believe what’s going on.

Unless they’re captured on camera, apparitions and footsteps are nothing more than rumor.

Even doubters will find it difficult to overlook huge claw prints on the wall.

This is a very straightforward collection, consisting of a variety of wall decals that give the impression that a demon has just clawed the wall.

One has a reddish-orange glow to it, while the other is black for a more realistic claw mark look. If such a thing exists.


8. An Antique Wooden Floor


Take a Look At This CC

Consider the most well-known haunted locations: they all have wooden flooring.

That isn’t a coincidence, in my opinion.

It’s conceivable that the worn, vintage appearance contributes to the creep factor, but there’s also the possibility that wood retains residual energy. So if there was a lot of conflict, violence, and sorrow in a home, the wood of the walls and floor will bear witness to it.

Hey, I realize that’s a little out there, but I’ve heard it before.

In any case, the wood swatches on these flooring are stunning.

They seem to have been there for a long and have been mistreated, which is exactly the sort of thing that may cause a haunting.


9. House Lot That Has Been Abandoned


Take a Look At This Collection

Nobody simply gets up and leaves their house and all they own for no reason.

Despite this, there are lots of dilapidated homes like that all throughout the globe.


Of course, there are ghosts! There’s no other explanation.

It’s better not to set foot on an abandoned home if you encounter one, unless you wish to attract the paranormal into your life.

However, there are occasions when the temptation is too strong. It’s not every day that we get to witness houses that have been forgotten by time and left behind for those who have crossed over to the other side.

As a result, many individuals end themselves investigating abandoned homes. Nowadays, it’s a complete pastime… and technically trespassing. Just make sure you don’t get caught!

At the very least, you can experience the eerie, haunting atmosphere from the comfort of your own home with this abandoned mansion, which is packed with fantastic custom stuff unlike anything else in the game.

Any remaining souls will be unable to pass through the screen. You may, however, have a lot of fun exposing your Sim to them.

This house’s inside and outside are equally stunning. It’s the sort of thing that makes you speed up your pace as you go by it, yet there’s something about it that appeals to you.

All of the fractures and indications of deterioration, as well as cobwebs and boarded-up windows, tell their own tale. If you dare, enter!


10. Wallpaper that is peeling


Take a Look At This CC

We’ve previously discussed how wallpaper performs when left unchecked. This creator’s last set, Ineliz, contained mold, however that isn’t the case here.

This wallpaper is simply ripped and peeling, indicating that it has succumbed to the passage of time.

Each panel of your Sim’s wall that you apply this on will have a beautiful rolling texture at the top, as though the paper is just starting to wither.

There are also some fantastic color combinations here, such as blue and gold, purple and green, gray, and others.

This pattern is basically the ultimate Victorian design… in other words, from the prime frightening period. I’m sure there’s a name for it.


Sarcastic Ghost Mod is a mod that adds sarcasm to


Take a Look At This Mod

If ghosts don’t have a personality, what good are they?

Freeloading spirits that don’t even have the courtesy to amuse you with their presence are the worst.

This entertaining mod will make your house’s ghosts more snarky. It’s a good match, since I imagine sharing your house with the living for forever would make anybody a bit snarky.

However, you’ll only be able to use this mod if you have the Get Together pack, since it’s tailored to the Von Haunt Estate inhabitants in Windenburg.

Even so, it’s one of the few (and finest) haunted homes in the game, and you can have a lot of fun with it.


12. The Haunted Residential Lot of Willows Weep


Take a Look At This Collection

It’s frequently beneficial to draw inspiration from real life while creating in The Sims.

This is particularly true in the case of haunted houses.

When you know the scary, magnificent home your Sim lives in is real, it just adds to the creepiness.

That’s probably what Wykkyd, the inventor, was thinking.

This Willows Weep home is real and may be seen in Indiana. Many have referred to it as “North America’s most terrible haunted home”… That’s rather beautiful, isn’t it?

For the game, this Simmer faithfully rebuilt that same home.

It features a one-of-a-kind layout that makes the aerial perspective appear like a cross.


Groves Mansion Lot No. 13


Take a Look At This Collection

I believe that mansions and ghosts are inextricably linked.

Consider how many films include a large, ancient mansion that is haunted.

There’s also the Luigi’s Mansion franchise, so… enough said. It’s a scientific fact!

A house this large just provides enough room for spirits to hide and cause havoc. This amazing home from pollycranopolis has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a fun little surprise in the basement:

It’s a crypt, after all.

In addition, the house stands on top of gravestones and coffins.

That’s some prime haunting territory right there.

Really, the level of inventiveness here is out of this world. It’s completely functioning and updated, yet it still has enough Victorian charm and spook iness to be a great haunted home.


14. The Mirror Has a Ghost


Take a Look At This CC

Ghosts aren’t always interested in uprooting your whole life and making you unhappy as in a horror film.

They’re simply there at times. A supernatural presence that makes you doubt your own sanity.

And this mirror is one of the most unique CC pieces I’ve ever seen.

It’s a little change to the basic game mirror that adds a partly translucent apparition of a Sim called Mollie Grimworth. As you approach closer to the mirror, she becomes more faded, which is a very beautiful effect.

With the help of this CC, you can easily create a sense of dread to any space.

When you want some spooky occurrences in TS4 without going overboard, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Just don’t use it as a mirror in the restroom… In a completely other sense, that would be scary.

Remember, Mollie Grimworth is always on the lookout when this is up on the wall!


15. Ouija Board in a Simlish Style


Take a Look At This CC

It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario with Ouija Boards.

It’s impossible to say whether the spirits or the humans will appear first.

They may be used to contact ghosts that are already there, or to call spirits to cause problems when none previously existed.

Some may even claim that the whole concept is a fraud, but that’s no fun.

Ouija Boards may get you into a lot of trouble if you believe in them. So it’s only natural to look for one inside a haunted home.

The greatest thing about this board is that it’s written in Simlish, which means it won’t be overshadowed by bothersome English writing.

Over the past few years, The Sims 4 has become one of the most respected and respected video games in the industry. It’s a massive leap for the franchise, with a bunch of new gameplay features, including a robust building system, stunning graphics, and more.. Read more about sims 4 horror mods and let us know what you think.

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