The Best Minecraft Bedroom Mods (All Free)


There are a lot of Minecraft Bedroom mods out there on the internet, and the number of them is constantly growing.  These mods can do a lot of things that can make minecraft more interesting and more enjoyable.  But which are the best?  Here I’ll show you the best minecraft bedroom mods, and which ones I think you should try first.

Minecraft is a game that has managed to capture the imagination of gamers and non-gamers alike. As of late, players have been drawn to the game by the number of mods available for it. While the official game comes with some mods, the number and variety of mods available for the game is staggering.

Bedroom gaming is a passion many of us share, but finding the perfect setup can be quite the challenge. Between the cost of a gaming desk and all the gear you need to play, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, a few mods that help you wrangle the space and add some class make it much easier to enjoy your games. Here are our picks for the best of the bunch.

So, you’ve just completed building your lovely new Minecraft house and want to start decorating the insides.

Why not begin in your own bedroom?

After all, it’ll be where you’ll be spending your evenings, cowering in dread of spiders and endermen, so make it beautiful!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the finest modifications available to assist you in creating your ideal Minecraft bedroom.


Macaw’s Windows (number 8)


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Macaw’s Windows is a mod worth attempting if you believe your vanilla glass pane windows are letting your Minecraft bedroom down.

This brings the total number of openable windows in the game to approximately 100, with a variety of textures and styles to choose from.

The mod also allows you to build windowsills and comes with a set of Venetian blinds that you can open to bring in additional light (or shutter for a bit more privacy).


Botany Pots (nine)


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Let’s suppose you’re sick of the sad, lonely flowers that come with a standard-sized Minecraft flower container. Perhaps you fantasize of adorning your Minecraft bedroom with lush rose plants and beautiful peonies.

Botany Plants is unquestionably the mod for you.

This includes big flower pots that can be used to grow full-sized versions of most plants, even some that cannot be grown in regular flower pots.

You can now cultivate adorable bonsai trees with the Botany Trees add-on.

The pots are available in a rainbow of hues manufactured from colored terracotta, as well as a hopper version that collects any fully grown plants put in them before dropping them into the storage below.


Macaw’s Doors is number six on the list.

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The dependable Minecraft door has long been a gaming fixture.

However, you might be excused for believing that the available choices are rather limited.

Perhaps you want to have the formal elegance of a dark oak door in your bedroom, but the dark hue detracts from the room’s overall atmosphere. Maybe you like the more rustic look of a spruce door, but you’d rather it be made of acacia wood to match your calm savanna house.

Macaw’s Doors addresses this issue by allowing you to customize any vanilla door with any common wood texture, allowing you to create the perfect door for your bedroom.

Sliding shoji doors (great for your sleek fitted closets) and full-length glass doors (excellent for that balcony you’re building) are among the new doors included in the mod.


5. Extensive Lighting


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With the addition of lanterns in version 1.14 and candles in version 1.17, there’s no disputing that Minecraft’s lighting choices have vastly improved in recent years.

If you still don’t feel like you have enough options when it comes to mood lighting in your bedroom, Extended Lights may assist.

This mod adds a variety of lighting choices to the world, including contemporary electric wall, floor, and ceiling-mounted light panels – as well as bulbs and tower lights – to give your bedroom a slick new appearance.

If you want to make your bedroom seem more like a gothic castle, there are also dramatic candle holders and candelabras in gold and iron, as well as roaring braziers and tiny jack-o-lanterns to select from.


4. MrCrayfish’s Modified Furniture


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MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod is a massive undertaking that adds over eighty distinct pieces of modern-style furniture to fit every room in the home.

This includes mattresses, bedside cabinets, alarm clocks, curtains, and ceiling fans, as well as amazing technologies like wirelessly controlled electric lights. Not to mention flatscreen TVs that play your favorite uploadable gifs.

Baths, sinks, toilets, and medicine cabinets are just a few of the gorgeous bathroom fixtures you may choose from for your gleaming new en suite bathroom.

Certain furniture pieces are now inaccessible on more recent versions of Minecraft due to an ongoing code change by MrCrayfish.

These goods will be restored in future releases, and earlier versions of the mod still include the complete variety of items.


3. A Restful Night’s Sleep


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In Minecraft, you usually simply wake up the following morning when you go to sleep.

If you’re in the nether, you may also explode.

But not with Good Night’s Sleep, a mod that introduces two new dream worlds to Minecraft, complete with new monsters, blocks, and ores that can only be accessible by sleeping in a Strange Bed.

Unicorns and Technicolor lambs inhabit the Good Dream realm, which is a sweet paradise of lollipops and sunlight.

The Nightmare realm, on the other hand, is a lava-filled hellscape populated with toxic plants and creatures, much like an open-air version of the Nether.

The mod is presently in beta, and future versions are planned to add more blocks, ores, and unique monsters to the game.


2. Macaw’s Furnishings


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No bedroom is really finished unless it is tastefully furnished.

And Macaw’s Furniture has everything you’ll need to design the ideal living room.

The mod includes everything from nightstands to cabinets, dressers, closets, tables, and chairs, all of which may be made from any kind of wood.

Additionally, this mod enables you to mix and match individual furniture blocks to construct bigger furniture pieces, such as workstations and fitted closets.

The furniture is also very practical, with features such as usable storage and ‘sittable’ chairs.


1. Beds with several beds


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Multibeds allows you to make fully functioning beds for both the player and the locals.

These may also be snapped together to make bunk beds and double beds.

This mod includes a variety of bedstead types, such as classic, vintage, contemporary, slab, rustic, and cot beds, all of which may be built in the manner of any in-game block texture, no matter how odd.

Yes, you may finally sleep on a bed made entirely of dirt if you so want.

The personalized bed sheets, which may be embroidered with unique patterns and available in a variety of colors, are the primary attraction of Multibeds.

Make your own patterns or choose from a variety of pre-made designs that include pop culture allusions to characters like Doctor Who and Super Mario.

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